The Legend of the Kyubi
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The Legend of the Kyubi


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What is The Legend of the Kyubi

Read The Legend of the Kyubi fanfiction written by the author GenoXX on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


This is a direct translation of my original story [La Leyenda del Kyubi] uploaded on this page. Translated with [MT] and slightly edited with Grammarly ************************************* An unknown past, with only fragments of his old life, a young soul is reborn in the world that I so much desire with the aim of fulfilling his dream but an accident will change everything. What changes will his presence in this world bring? How many destinies will change because of him? That's for you to find out... ************************************* Disclaimer: I don't own the original work "Naruto", or any of its characters. ************************************* If you liked the story, you can support me through pa treon with the following link. https://www.pa treon.com/GenoXX

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Already read the Spanish version, truly one of the best fanfics out there, and one of the best naruto fanfics overall, highly recommended. Character Development: Great character development and excellent use of already existing character's backgrounds to add them to the story and keep them there without disappearing. Story: Great fanfic with quite an original plot edition, great comedy and a badass protagonist with a great and interesting background story. Harem Members: One of the best characteristics of the series, the author somehow was able to keep a great number of females in the series giving each of them good development and keeping them active through all of the series, you could say that even the least important one of the harem appears quite a bit of times, the girls don't join just because MC is MC, there are steps to go with each of them until they decide to join all according to their original personalities of the cannon. The only "bad thing" would be how the author will handle grammar since his original language is Spanish but then again, we Spanish readers will support. Have a good read.


Greetings to all, here the author of the story. As I said in the synopsis of the story, this is a story that was originally written in Spanish and I am translating it with Google Translate and helped me with Grammarly, so I'm sure there will still be mistakes. Referring to my story, what I did was take the original events and modify them at my convenience, and with this, I can make a plot that is familiar and at the same time different. The personalities of the characters are the closest to the original personalities of each of them, of course, I have modified them as well as the plot. My protagonist, Kurama Uzumaki ... I am not going to talk about him because I want you to know how he is and has an idea of ​​his personality for yourselves. Now the important thing, the speed in which I am translating this story is one chapter per day (In the worst case, I will upload 3 chapters per week). I can't translate anymore because I have to go out to look for work, write a chapter of my other story and do my personal affairs.


Dropping this because there is too much pedo crap. Author must have pedo tendency I bet. From chapter 3, author hinted of 1 year old getting molest by pedophile. Then at 10 year old MC get force blow job and has sexual relationships with MILF (Sasuke’s mom). Waste of my time with this crap!


haha what a trash the drama is all over the top that its not believable anymore and the characters have a different personality in each chapter specifically minato ch 2 he's the useless father just like in canon snd in ch 3 he became the scumbag father/husband you see in most korean drama also there's so many fake review and also deleted the other low star review so this is trash. p. s the author have the guts to do patreon with this trash work so laughable


What can I say? It's a disgusting fanfic. .................................................................................................


Yeah, this is stupid mc is an abomination of a man with animal ears and tail? WTF. this isn't some fantasy world with catgirls and sh*t this is a world of humans! With our mc being part whatever abomination he is, he will stick out like a needle in a high stack.


Let just say it a good concept but poorly written with shallow plot other than romance that forced. Doesn't have detail explain on story and doesn't even follow the world logic. It a fanfiction in meaning of someone dream shoved into Naruto and fall apart because it forced to fit in, than a fanfic with original idea that combine with naruto. I don't know if it will become better because I'm not strong enough to read it after few chapter, so try to read and see yourself. I don't really about the morality of fanfic some comments say pedo or whatever after all it a fanfic but bad is bad not for content morality but from the story.


YOU REALLY DID IT! Thank you! ^^ I can finally read it in english, it doesn't ecen matter to me if google translate will ruin part if the story. The story us good enough that it wouldn't even leave a dent in it's glory :3


Ok ... I thought this fanfic was amazing before. but the fact that MC can use mokuton only made it even more incredible. From what I've read so far, I'm surprised that this fanfic is only rated 4.2 😐 this is weird...


Ok ok, I admit that I ignored this novel because of the 4.3 star rating, and intended to remain ignorant, and that would be my biggest mistake, I accidentally entered when I accidentally clicked on it Kkkkk but that was the biggest luck I had in the week. I only read 4 chapters, but I already realized that the premise of this novel is very good, I read some comments that had some readers complaining about the MC having fox ears and tail, saying something about Naruto not being FANTASY and it didn't make sense for him to have non-human characteristics, but WHAT? how come not to be fantasy? Naruto is anything but reality, so it was very slutty to give 1 star for it. Anyway, I will continue reading, I have great expectations for this novel. As long as the MC does not suffer NTR, contain excessive Yuri, and there is a group of women from the MC or women close to the MC, i will continue reading.


I rarely bother to write reviews although I should probably do it more. Anyway, first the reason behind the 2 4 star aspects. Writing quality is a little lacking but I think that mainly comes from the translation itself. The story is great. Since the original has 340+ chapters, as only 7are translated it is quite behind. I also imagine it isn't really a priority to translate compared to writing new material. There hasn't been any reason given, so I simply believe it is set in an AU to explain the changes that happened that the MC wasn't part of. I love fanfics because I like seeing how people expand and explore the world beyond the original. This is where this novel has shined so far. As I said it seems to be something of an AU so things were already going in a different direction even before the MC was born or appeared. Some people who previously died are still alive, but I won't say who and let you experience it fully yourselves. The events that lead to the MC birth or appearance were unique to me. How he came to be, how his appearance changed from the original and all the cause and effects that these differences brought were interesting, to say the least. These brought many changes to people's personalities and changes some of the relationships between many known characters. This leaves if feeling both familiar and fresh at the same time. How the future will play out becomes a little uncertain and that drives your desire to read more. I can only hope for two things to happen. First, the author continues to translate this into English. Second, if there comes a time the author cannot continue to do so, that they put the original novel up on some other site where machine translation is possible to allow me and others the joy to continue reading this.


I wouldn't read, I admit, because of the low rating. but my friend recommended me and now after reading a few chapters I keep thinking how stupid it is to let myself be carried away by things like rating, this is a great work, you will not regret reading it.


It’s a decent fanfic but could use some cleaning in the grammar department. Also If your going to translate from Spanish to English I would recommend dropping the “kun” and the “chan”, your translating to English not Japanese dude.


I already read the spanish version and I can only say that this is one of the best novel that I ever read. The plot truly interesting and well planned.


I'm here to support author-san, as it is absurd that this incredible novel only has 4.3 in its rating 😤 I really don't understand. ..................................................................................


The story is great, to the point of trying to use my imperfect Spanish to try and read ahead... Anways, the characters are well designed, border line great. The world background is great, it has a few variations from the original, and I love that. The story development is even better, I cant tell where it'll go sometimes, and that's coming from someone that expects almost everything, thus calling it cliche... well, that IS what cliche means. Anyways, although the grammar isn't perfect, it's understandable. Love it, but a review is a review. SO, I'm not rating it a perfect 5 stars...


it is a shame that I can't claim that the author (om webnovel) wrote this themself, howerver I am relieved to say that the time and effort put in to this translation (and eddeting the lesser written parts) paid of. It gives a new view of the Naruto-verse and does't follow the standart eddited version of the orrignal that most fan-fictions use. Over all I am greatly enjoying the book and am glad to see that I can still happily read the following chapters for a long time.


Reveal spoiler


Hola de nuevo quería decirle que me gustaría que coloque Ben 10 en su historia de origen hay cientas de cosas y misterios que en la serie no se mensionan. también al principio de la serie Gwen, la prima de Ben, obtiene una runa mágica de bezel que aumenta la suerte. son 5 runas: la runa de fuego, la de electricidad, la de telequinesis, la runa de la suerte y la runa de dar vida a objetos inanimados.pero hay otra runa la ***ta la más fuerte, permite volver a reconstruir las otras runas si estaban rotas también aumenta en 10 todos los efectos de las otras runas y aumenta en 10 todos los aspectos del usuario . porfavor me encantaria Ben 10 en origen PD:algún día as una historia de Dragonball the gamer con la raza de buu no mucha gente lo hace


I'm not particularly a fan of teg Drama, but other than that, it's a great story, I think it's one of the best Naruto fanfics I've ever read, I'm looking forward to seeing how far it goes.


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