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[Superior Adaptability]


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When you die and are selected to the [Afterlife Battle Royal] to fight again everything hag has died at the same time as you to the death again just to get the chance to have another life... I was selected and won. I got to spin the wheel of powers once, but luck was by my side because of what I got: [Superior Adaptability] X-x-X This novel's main character is gay. He will be in a relationship with another man, I repeat, he likes guys. So if you are not interested then bye. Also, I've never seen a multiverse story with a gay main character or an LGBTQ+ main character in any crossover/anime world, so I decided to write my own. This will be no harem for I am terrible at writing those! Also, the main romance is going to be introduced later on, I have decided on who to put my little gremlin hands on. Slow-paced (I am serious) Also, romance isn't the focus of the 1st world because I want to have a plot.


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