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The Isekai Game


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What is The Isekai Game

The Isekai Game is a popular web novel written by the author Craig214, covering Video Games genres. It's viewed by 158K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 38 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 218 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The Isekai Game is a vigorous sport held in a studio where players dress up and fight various monsters in different themes each month. AKA It's a Live-Action Roleplaying Game New girl Vanessa has dreamt of becoming a pro player for years. But when the only team that is willing to recruit her is a bunch of misfits, her dream seems to end there. Will she and her guild train up to beat the June event where they will be evaluated to join the pro leagues? Or will they get washed into corporate life? Find out in The Isekai Game. Notes: I know my first 2 chapters are confusing. I literally give the first 65 chapters free. My story has a "Do now, explain later" rhythm to it. The characters you read on in the first two chapters get fleshed out in the next two chapters. So give it a chance. Also, this is not your typical trash Isekai. There is no boy getting hit by a truck. No heavy romance. No high dive online nonsense. No harem. No sex jokes thrown every chapter nor bouncing tits. No truck-kun. No getting trapped in the game. No matrix or any other corny stuff. My concept is not original. But I literally cannot think of 1 story out there that has it. ".........///////////" indicates a transition in scene or time. My story gets hectic. This will help a lot. Instagram Page: the_isekai_game follow for more info regarding The Isekai Game. Artist: Serah Fletcher aka gr0vey.art on Instagram

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You know I love animes especially action one and this book meets all of my expectation. The way the writer explains the fight scenes is superb and my imaginations is wow when I read through it. I highly recommend this book,keep it up author 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


This book was suprising for a genre that often dissapoints. The writer clearly has a talent, and the scenes are fast paced and fluid. the only issue I have is sometimes details are over looked (girl is shot - author doesnt tell us her body slum** to the floor), and I felt that at times the wording can be confusing. Apart from that bravo, clearly a talented writer with a knack for the job, can't wait to read more


Wow, this is a nice action story with good pace. The action scenes in the first chapter is nicely written, author kudos for that. And Logan, his character set up has left me completely in love with him. I badly want to know more about him, him fighting with cards just makes it more cool. And the fl is nice also, Nice story.


For this being my first Webnovel, It really sucked me in. It’s a great read, i like the detail that is put into the storyline. Please keep releasIng chapters, im hooked.


I love these types of stories and this one is not disappointing. I can tell as I read through the chapters that the characters are engaging. The world building is immense. Highly recommend giving this one a read


I'm not a huge fan of isekai I only watch it to pass time. but your story is good i would recommend it 11/10 nice story and character development.


The writing skill is impressive, how the author explains the fight scenes is admirable for as the reader you can see the image depicted by the author. And I love the whole fight arena sequel it reminds me of "The hunger games". It's a unique book to read and there are few books like this one that draws the reader into the Authors world. Keep on writing, loving it so far.


all i will say is


Wow, I gotta say that's one way to grab people's attention. From the fast chapter, the fights scenes are paced well and keeps the readers at the edge of their seats. And the first time I envisioned Logan he kinda reminded me of Hisoka from HxH, which is a pretty awesome thing! congratulations to the author you deserve all the support your getting.





This was amazing I loved the story development, world bulilding, and the writing, I loved literally everything about it, out of all the game novels i have read this is the best one




Reveal spoiler


I'm really enjoying the story so far! The plot is intriguing, and the story is well written. The author updates very frequently, you can tell how passionate they are about writing, and how much effort they put in. I can't wait to see what happens next!


OMG! SUCH AN AMAZING NOVEL! Add it to collection, VOTE WITH YOUR POWER STONES! THE author deserves more hype. 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Please author Sama make more Chapters please 😁😁😁😁


You can immediately tell that this is one of those stories that will keep you engaged until the end. I was really surprised at the quality for web novels but this one changed my mind and ill look into other stories now as well.


this reminds me of hunger games. this must be good in manhua. the flow of the story was well written and well said. although i just read the two chaps it was really interesting. if I'm not that busy i will read this.. loking forward to this


When reading I have noticed the exquisite description, very specific details and a very creative, maplio and deep language; it is sincerely understood that: "The Isekai game is a virtual reality sport" One of the few reads that make you recreate the game by reading.


The way the author describes every scene left me speechless! I am not into anime so much, but this story made me think more about it and give this genre a chance. This means only one thing: it is really good! Well done, author!


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