You Will Call Me SirYou Will Call Me Sir

You Will Call Me Sir

by Elyon

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Kate once had it all. Clothes, food, a place to stay, and a loving family. However, it all ended when her parents were murdered by a mysterious organization. Stella, her split personality, was the reason she barely made it out with her life. Living and hiding on the streets was a very difficult thing to do for a nine-year-old, but Stella helped her along the way. A few years passed as she lived everyday in desperation. Tired, hungry, bitter, and on the verge of collapse, she was saved by a young boy when things took a turn for the worse. His name was Ciel Summers, her future dearest one. Things were going smoothly until she managed to pass the entrance exam to the prestigious Saint Claire Academy. Hidden schemes played behind the scenes as a serum capable of awakening the latent powers of anyone below the age of 15 was developed. They set their eyes on the elite students of the academy, and kidnapped Ciel, who became an unwilling test subject. It was the beginning of a series of events, which led Kate to discover the name of the organization that killed her parents and the secrets that were buried deep within her body. [Disclaimer: I will be changing POV's from time to time. This is how I wanted this story to be written. So please, bear with me. Thank you.] Updates: 1 chapter a day. Feel free to donate in my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/YourSir Chat with me on discord!: https://discord.gg/haeYN7N ---------- Feel free to check out my other story! "Go! Go! Summons: Summoning the Perfect Boyfriend" [Fantasy Romance, Female Lead, Comedy, Slice of Life.] https://www.webnovel.com/book/17411890805745005/Go!-Go!-Summons! Special thanks to RedPandaChick for helping me edit my novel. Thank you very much!

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