184 Alice’s Ultimatum

Stephen, Ethan, and Keith, were seated inside a private room in one of the cafes inside the academy. They were not in the mood to gather at the abandoned building and already informed everyone that today's meeting was cancelled. 

The topic of their discussion was Ciel's sudden disappearance. None of the boys believed that Ciel left due to "health issues". 

"Did Kate or Chloe say anything?" Stephen asked. 

"No," Ethan replied with a sigh. "The two of them were saying the same thing. Ciel had to be taken to a private hospital in order to cure his illness. They didn't say what his ailment was and avoided the issue like a plague."

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Kate had been awfully quiet for the past few days. She was not her usual bubbly self and her appetite had lessened to a great degree. Before, she could easily eat three servings of food good enough for two people. 

Now, she only ate sandwiches. Her sudden change alarmed the two boys and made them very worried.

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