74 Welcome to Ambrosia!

"Since everyone passed the exam, this calls for a celebration!" Neville cheerfully suggested. "Why don't you all come and visit our family's restaurant? I made a call and made a reservation."

"Your family's restaurant?" Kate asked while looking at the walking dumpling in front of her. She gave Neville a look of understanding which made the latter feel a bit uncomfortable. 'I see! So the reason why Neville looks like this is because his family has their own restaurant.'

[Look very closely,] Stella commented from the side. [You'll be like him in a few years if you don't stop visiting the pantry in the middle of the night.]

'I won't get fat! I have a strong metabolism.'

[Hehe, don't say I didn't warn you.]

Stella's teasing voice resounded inside Kate's head which made her frown. However, it only lasted for a brief moment before the side of her lips curled up in a smile.

'Hehe, if I get fat, you'll get fat, too. Let's get fat together!'

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[Yeah...No. The moment I notice that we are gaining weight, we are going on a diet.]


Neville wasn't aware of Kate's internal debate with Stella. He was worried that they were going to reject his offer, so he decided to reveal the name of their restaurant. After all, their restaurant was known as the best Three-Starred Michelin restaurant in K-City.

"Have you guys heard about the restaurant called Ambrosia?" Neville asked with a raised chin. Since the children around him were from influential families, they might have visited it during their stay in K-City. "I don't want to boast, but our restaurant has occupied the number one spot in fine dining in K-City. The Royal Family and famous celebrities are regulars at our restaurant."

"Ambrosia? Are you talking about THAT Ambrosia?" Kate's eyes sparkled when he heard Neville's words. Being the glutton that she was, she was well aware of the best restaurants in the country. She even dreamed of eating there with Ciel and Chloe. Never in her wildest dreams would she think that Neville's family owned this famous restaurant.

'Wasn't this like a pie falling from the sky?' Kate thought with excitement. 'I better form a close relationship with Neville! Maybe I can eat there for free!'

[You're so shameless,] Stella said with disapproval. [At least make him a close friend. That way, we can order take-outs free of charge.]

'A-Are you perhaps a genius?! Why didn't I think of that?!'

[You're still too green, Kate.]

Kate immediately grabbed Neville's hand and shook it happily. Since Neville suggested that they go to their restaurant to celebrate, she would definitely not allow him to turn back on his words.

"Are you going to treat us?" Kate asked. The gaze she gave Neville made the fatty's face redden. It was the first time a very pretty girl held his hand like this and he could feel how soft Kate's hand was.

'Are all girls this soft?' Neville thought. Then his gaze landed on Luna who was looking at him with a raised brow. 'I wonder if Luna's hand is as soft as Kate's…'

Neville immediately rejected this idea the moment it entered his head. Although he didn't have the opportunity to hold Luna's hand, he was sure that it wouldn't feel as good as Kate's. How could a chubby girl who always argued with him have soft hands? Neville tossed the idea to the back of his mind and smiled at Kate.

"Of course," Neville said with a smile that wouldn't lose to Stephen's. In fact, the smile was so bright that Ethan felt goosebumps spreading across his body. "Since I was the one who proposed it then you don't have to pay anything!"

"You're amazing, Neville!" Kate praised him like there was no tomorrow. The glutton looked at the chubby boy in front of her like a free-meal-ticket, and the smile on her face widened. Stephen and Ethan saw Kate's sudden change and both of them frowned at the same time.

Ciel, on the other hand, did his best to stop the chuckle that almost escaped his lips. His eyes had a flicker of mirth in them as if saying "as expected of Kate". Food had always been this girl's weakness.

The boy knew that Kate had lived on the streets scavenging and begging for food for a few years. This was the reason why Kate had developed a habit of eating as much as she could. It was as if the food she was currently eating was her last meal on Earth.

Remembering how she looked when he found her, Ciel felt a pang of sourness in his heart. Although Kate never lacked food under their watch, the girl still hadn't shaken off her old habits. Since she wanted to go, he would do his best to support her decision.

"Sounds like a plan," Ciel said with a smile. "I've only eaten there twice, but I can guarantee that the food is amazing."

Stephen also nodded his head in agreement. "Actually, our family has dined there more than a dozen times already. The food is indeed amazing. I'm surprised that your family owns that restaurant."

"Indeed, that is our restaurant, Ambrosia!" Seeing the look of shock, anticipation, and hunger, on the faces of his new found friends made Neville feel good. He took his mobile phone from his pocket and called the manager of the restaurant. He asked the manager to prepare the best VIP room for them.

While Neville was handling their reservation, Stephen, Ethan, and Ciel also called their guardians to inform them about their sudden change of plans. Their parents didn't find anything unusual with their request and gave them permission.

Andrea even laughed at the other end of the line when she heard Ciel's description of how Kate immediately grabbed Neville's hand while asking him if the food would be free.

Before ending the call, Andrea reminded Ciel to be home before eight in the evening. Even though they wouldn't be eating dinner at their home, staying out too late was unacceptable. Ciel agreed to his mother's condition before hanging up.

Since all of them came with their own cars, they decided to all meet up at the restaurant. Kate's eyes widened in anticipation as soon as she saw the word 'Ambrosia' appear in her field of vision.

The restaurant was at least four stories tall and looked like the temple of Olympus where the gods reside. The tall pillars shone like gold under the sunlight which gave it a very majestic presence. Kate could already hear the parasites inside her stomach singing in joy for the feast that they were about to partake in.

Neville was already standing by the entrance while sporting a very smug look on his face. He spread out his arms giving them all a warm welcome.

"Welcome to Ambrosia!"

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