Trade for Happiness Book

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Trade for Happiness


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Alice Feng started her new life. She learned alot of thing from zero, doing what she never did before. why ? Because she wanted to live happily with her beloved man, the man that brough greatest gift in her live. But, one by one people from her dark past appeared. Can she still be loved ? Can she keep her happiness ? will you marry me, be my wife ? I promise that you will be my one and only wife " Alice was shocked. She didn't expect that Nick would propose her. "Nick, I am not a good lady. I have a dark past. there are still many bad things about me.. I " "Alice, Let the past in the past. Lets holding hand and work together for our happy and brighter future. ok ?" "Nick, Will your parents accept me as well ? will you and your family feel that .. " ------------------------------------------------ " Mum, please bless us. I won't leave Nick. He's my happiness" "Fine, But give me your house in City N then and.." "Is it a trade Mum ?, sure I'll give it to you, I'll give everything as long as I can be with my Hapiness" disclaimer : If there is any similarity of any name. it just pure coincident.