I became Haruno Sakura? Book

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I became Haruno Sakura?


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'I woke up with no recollection of how exactly I got here; But what is this? Short? Pink hair? The naive and annoying face? OH GOD NO!' This is a fanfiction. Meaning I will change many things. If you don't like it then do not read. What would be the point of it being a fanfiction if I cannot change things. So it would be very classless and tasteless if you came, read 2 chapters and complained about it being different from original. A wise man said; Writing is an art. just because you can't appreciate it does not mean you should throw eggs at it. I know, i know. But give this book a try. This is a creation of my thoughts on how Sakura could have been if she was not the obsessive annoying girl she was. Plus, her sudden jump in her power did not really make sense to me. So i made my own. Please give it a try before letting the Sakura Hate take over. I will be posting five times a week except special occasions on weekends. I do not own Naruto or Naruto Shippuden or any of the characters except my own. The picture is not mine and will take it down if necessary. There are currently 14 extra chapters of "I Became Haruno Sakura", on my p*treon, at p a t r e o n.com/carljoe

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