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My Vampire System


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What is My Vampire System

My Vampire System is a popular web novel written by the author JKSManga, covering SYSTEM, EVOLUTION, VAMPIRE, MAGIC, ACTION, LITRPG, WEAK-STRONG, RPG SYSTEM, SC-FI, MY VAMPIRE SYSTEM, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 23M readers with an average rating of 4.64/5 and 4007 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 702 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward. Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities. Some chose to share their knowledge to the rest of the world in hopes of winning the war, while others kept their abilities to themselves. Quinn had lost everything to the war, his home, his family and the only thing he had inherited was a crummy old book that he couldn’t even open. But when the book had finally opened, Quinn was granted a system and his whole life was turned around. He completed quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day the system gave him a quest he wasn’t sure he could complete. "It is time to feed!" "You must drink human blood within 24 hours" "Your HP will continue to decrease until the task has been completed" Discord link https://discord.gg/a9WfmJh https://www.patreon.com/JSManga

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A Gem, i would place this novel with Lord of mysterious simply based on potential, the characters arent cutouts they make rational and irrational decisions that fit there character Im very happy that a new original has found its way to the top Pros Potential for the story to go anywhere Origional idea that has a unique spin on an monster system Stable uploads Im not able to guess the plot or what will happen next Cons I need more chapters and the chapters fly by due to this Give it a try, its intriguing where the story is progressing with little predictables that are a common turn off for the system oriented genre


Author supporting his own work. This is a story that will be updated daily with chapters. An action Weak to strong story as the character Evolves completing tasks that only a vampire would need to do but not only that he also must struggle with all the disadvantages of a vampire as well.


In my opinion, this novel isn’t #1 rank material, but the author is a genius for bribing ppl with extra chapters for power stones. Writing quality is not the worse but still pretty bad, lots of misspelling and wrong words used. Once example, ‘integration’ is frequently used instead of ‘interrogation’. Although this happens quite a lot, the real problem is the way the story is written. The writing style is too shallow, it doesn’t give you the sense that you are immersed in the story world. There are not enough details to describe the character and environment. Up to now I still can’t picture what the characters and the school look like. One reviewer compared this with Lord of the Mysteries, which is just absurd. The writing style of LoM makes you feel like you are inside the MC’s head, immersed in his thoughts, emotions, and actions. This novel feels like you’re reading a summary of the MC’s daily activities, it is detached and doesn’t bring you up close and personal. Story development is progressing nicely so far. Contains your typical tropes and plot armor, but it’s not as absurdly done as other webnovels. Not much else to say since the novel is just beginning. Character design: It’s too early to tell but so far just 2 characters have hints of hidden depth, which could lead somewhere interesting. For now, the characters seem very shallow. The characters need to be fleshed out more, especially regarding their physical descriptions. Vague descriptions like ‘short brown hair and tall figure’ and ‘long blonde hair and perfect proportions’ doesn’t cut it. World background has great potential. Not much is revealed yet, but there are portals to other worlds and different species and factions, which leaves much to be discovered. Overall, I like the novel. There are only 108 chapters released so far, so there is room for improvement. I look forward to seeing how this novel progresses, it definitely has great potential.


It's a decent read, but I got pulled out of the story a lot by the world, supposed to be a military school but there is zero discipline and pretty much the entire story plays out like "Lord of the Flys" with older kids/stronger kids deciding on the rules and punishments. All this is justified by this apparently making the weak kids want to get stronger so they sell themselves to the military to get resources, which in this world the global military that is fighting an technologically superior race, thinks that's how their going to win by holding power and privilege to a few people instead of you know, what a military actually values like discipline and team work. So anyway I quit at chapter 50, but if your looking for "slowish build vampire Lord of the flies high school". **. It's really not that bad, just fell short in a few too many places for me to continue.


It's okay I guess? Let's start with characters because thats what I hate the most. As you can imagine when you don't really enjoy the cast it becomes pretty hard to read. The Mc, he is very forgettable. He is a bullied orphan. So you would assume he is fairly mature and strong willed, and at the start it does look that way. But that very quickly falls flat as he gets to military school (we will talk about this later) where he picks up to of the most annoying sidekicks I've seen in a while and he just goes with the flow, he never thinks critically about anything and feels like a pushover. And it doesn't really help with how bipolar he is, he switches mood and tone far too often him to establish a base personality Anyway moving on The ability copy guy, he is noticeable, noticeably annoying, clingy split personality he screams red flags but our Mc just goes with it. Feels like a guy straight out of a bl novel (it's not but the point still stands) Peter i probably remember this guy's name because I had a classmate with the same name and spineless personality, this type of. Character just pisses me off, and he is the best written one which just annoy me even more. This character is well made from a writing standpoint. The girl, she is fairly well put together, we know a bit about what she likes and he general personality, has some strong opinions about ability copy guy. So she feels believable That should be enough rant about characters The story plot/progression So far its pretty good, I have some gripes with how fighting is handled and how some things are made to be bigger problems than they really are and some things are just quietly glossed over all in all fairly good The world The world has some interesting things, but it also makes no sense what so ever, I would rather be in a 18-1900 mental asylum than be at that "military" school this world should have collapsed on itself already. The school mass produces egocentric sociopaths with assembly line efficiency The way this school runs is literally a 101 on how to breed extremists You know how we meme about martial arts novels being unforgiving, they got nothing on this novel. Writing and updates a pretty solid tho Its a decent enough novel, I can overlook the world, but the cast makes it a chore for me to read Best of luck with your novel bud


✅Logical school life ✅Good vampire progression ✅Interesting npcs ❌Short chapters (Author has other novels to write so its understandable.) ❌Ability system (Author didn't reveal much about it so I won't complain for now.) ❌MC couldn't accept his godsend power (Honestly I think his ignorance about him being a vampire after system told with so many ways is a little forced by the author. Well come on.. He doesn't live in cave and hunt mammoths for living every teenager has some fantasies about vampires theese days but of course he may think drinking blood for living is gross so I won't complain about it too.) Overall it's a good read.


The story could have been so good... The only real weak point in the story is MC.... MC is actually brain dead like for real his IQ is so low it's unfathomable how he manages to tie his shoes... Writing Quality ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stability of Updates⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Story Development⭐⭐ Character Design⭐ World Background ⭐⭐⭐ 1) It took him like ages to figure out he was a vampire 2) When he finds out it takes him like 2 chapters to tell a random stranger all his secrets. (yea bro i have a system and stuff OOOO and btw i'm also a vampire).... 3) He does so much retarded stuff you think he would have killed himself by now... 4)System tells him if you don't drink blood you will run out of hp in 10h what does MC do? Noting he goes to bed then panics when he wakes up cuz how could he have know his hp would drop ...... 5) Has absolute no awareness of all the clues he leaves like if he would just use a bit of common sense.... 6) The plot is super forced In short this novel is super overrated and i have no clue why its up so high. Brain dead MC ✔ Clueless MC ✔ Below room temperature IQ ✔ No common sense MC ✔ ... So in short sure you can read it but don't waste stones on it.


I won’t state my reason for this low rating because I’m too lazy to write it, but if you want to delete this you better delete the other 5 stars review that only spam emoji.


Decent novel, but the Mc showed his powers way too freely in a military academy...he should have been caught and locked up in a lab to be experimented on by like chapter 40. Also the author uses a lot of incorrect words and that definitely gets annoying. Like bored instead of board and even completely wrong words that sound a bit similar.


MC herе here is really an imbecile, autistic and degenerate. the reality and plausibility of the world is also non-existent. in this novel everything revolves around MC there is a vampire. end!


Everything is great about this book, However the MC is on the extreme end of the spectrum. He got a system that turns him into a vampire, he researches about vampires, he then acts as if the system is just him hallucinating. The MC is sooo stupid your brain cells will kamikaze each other just from reading his thought process and actions. Since this story is in a futuristic setting, I hope MC finds something to cure his extreme brain cell seppuku soon. Of course this is only my review for the first 20ish chapters, if my brain cells survive to the point where MC has the IQ higher than a retarded squirrel I will update. TLDR Character -9999/10


I really don’t get why this story is so highly ranked? The world building just bland and uninteresting there nothing about this world that keeps your interest. The characters aren’t exactly that unique just kinda average the author really bad at making me feel anything for them especially the main characters whose goals aren’t as defined as I would like. Then their the story itself like I get there a gradual progression but I again don’t get what this guy is working up to and I’ve stuck with this story for almost 200 chapters.


To be honest, the author really tries To make a good story but i couldnt take it. The MC is just too stupid. He had a lot of chances to make a difference and grow stronger but he takes it too slowly and in an idiotic way. People can read it its not that bad but it’s not of my liking at least. Hope author can make a better character development because MC feels lacking and pretty stupid tbh.


It's an okay book. Wasn't that much of a fun read, to be honest. A bit lackluster, in my opinion. The character development is a bit missing.


Loving the book. The powers are really interesting and enjoy the system that the mc has. Keep up the great work and keep posting chapters. *if not I’ll find where you live and cough on you😷 *


if you want a novel where everyone beats up, tortures, bullies and publicly flogs everyone who is "weaker" than they are this is for you. if not? skip this trash. Oh and don't forget most of the torture and bullying takes place in a MILITARY ACADEMY! no way any military would ever allow something like this to take place. do you know what happens when you allow people to get tortured and bulled non-stop for 2 years and super powers exist? someone becomes superman level and murders the government to stop it. people betray and leave. they wouldn't last more than 10 years doing this bs.


Story and World feel flat and like nobody really cared about. The school system is dumb especially if you consider that they are on the doorstep of war. But just for time in-between its ok


This novel could have been better... I've read 60 chapter so far. At first it was okay and then when he came to the so called "military" academy, this is where it all goes rolling down the hill and crashing at the bottom. I mean wtf was that? A military with no discipline no systematic training eg. MC goes to a weapons training program... said program offers a variety of weapon but with only one instructor who uses a bloody katana. How tf are going to teach a spear weilding student using a katana? Oh and there's more the heirarchy bullshit... I mean we always have that in military but what gives a fucking student the right to torture another student in a "military academy"? Like wtf? This is more like a THUG academy. There's not even a tactic involved in it. Shouldn't the military use the abilities to their full potential like having squads with a defender, support, attacker, and a scout? Wtf is this bullshit military academy teaching street brawl and solo fights? How are you going to defeat the enemy? By doing it individually? The enemy has more stats than humans and you teach students to fight solo? There's more that I could say but I'm too tired of typing so if you want to read stupid shits like this then go ahead. I'm sick and tired of this authors who writes stupid novels with the typical chinese "do you dare" and what not shit stuff. So unimaginative... Atleast if you write something get your facts straight. "Military academy" my ass, more like a overglorified high school. I honestly don't understand why this novel got top 1... too stupid


An ok story about a guy who gains a vampire system in a tech based cultivator society. bunch of common tropes, and except for the MC and background characters everyone else is "quirky" in one way or another. It's not a bad story, but I just don't understand why it is constantly near the top of the rankings as there are a lot of other stories greater than it.


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