65 Teleporting

When teleportation devices were first discovered there was hope that they would be able to set these to travel to wherever they wanted to. At last, the idea of colonizing planets such as mars was a dream come true.

Spacecraft had been invented but were unable to travel at light speeds needed to make it viable. However, they were able to create large portals that allowed ships to travel through.

But the dream was short lived. The Portals were only able to pinpoint planets at a set location, a place that was not known to their universe, perhaps a whole different dimension together.

No one knew the truth and scientist could only theorize where exactly these portals led to, but what they did find was each of these planets harboured deadly beasts. Beasts that had never been seen before.

Then when the first beast was killed and harvested for research, the beast crystal located inside it was discovered. Inside the crystal contained a power far greater than anyone could imagine.


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