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The Eye Of The Moon Plan


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Erik Saltzman was a young man, a normal student who spent his time studying and playing games. Enjoying his time with his family, annoying his little sister, singing songs and much more. His life was plain and simple but he didn't have any complaints with it. He was happy with what he had. Unfortunately, his simple life came to an end when he died at a young age of 17, courtesy of [Truck Association]. Upon his death, instead of finding peace, his soul was abducted by an Outer-God. The dangerously powerful entity was able to "convince" Erik Saltzman soul about the world being riddled with pain and agony. He asked Erik if he wanted to end this "Cycle of Eternal Damnation". Outer God:- I will grant you strength, to end this all, no more suffering and everyone will be happy. Erik:- What is the price? True Paradise is just a fantasy which can't be achieved no matter what you do. Outer God:- It is true that a thing such as True Paradise can only be dreamt of but what if we change the reality into a dream? After all, everything is possible in a never-ending dream. Erik:- What do you propose? Outer-God:- To create a True Paradise, you must first make the "Impossible" into something "Possible". Erik:- Swapping reality with an everlasting dream..? Outer-God:- The "Eye Of The Moon Plan" Erik:- Madara wasn't able to succeed, and I don't need to tell you about his capabilities. What makes you think that I would succeed in doing something that he couldn't? Outer-God:- Firstly, You aren't affected by Plot-armour and secondly, you don't blindly believe in anything, you're caution and decision making sets you apart the rest. Erik:- Hm...How do you propose to even start this "Plan for Salvation"? Outer-God:- You will be sent to a dream world, [Irregular at Magic High school]. You will need to successfully put everyone in that world into a dream. That world is heading towards its destruction, so begin from there first. Erik:-Irregular world? You do know the danger that infests that world right? Not to mention the broken protagonist and his sister, how am I even supposed to survive there? Outer-God:- That where I come in, I will grant you a few abilities which shall help you in your endeavour. Erik:- Hmm..... Outer-God:- You would ask about your family? How they are? Erik:- Unfortunately, I can no longer affect that world and from my observation, you too can't....otherwise you would have chosen someone with a higher success rate. Outer-God:- On-point observation indeed. Erik:- I can only pray for them to have a happy life and move on. Outer-God:-Indeed... ----------------------------------------------------------- •Cover:-Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint. •Release rate:-4 chapters worth 1000 words per week. [We have created a server °•The Coffee Shop•° with the intent to help authors find a well-organized server where they don't have to worry about creating multiple channels and handle the server. The idea for this server is similar to Ink store but this is more of a joint-server which welcomes more authors to join. Discord link:-https://discord.gg/WXHTGQN]


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