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What is The Eye Of The Moon Plan

Read The Eye Of The Moon Plan fanfiction written by the author Legendary_Person on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Erik Saltzman was a young man, a normal student who spent his time studying and playing games. Enjoying his time with his family, annoying his little sister, singing songs and much more. His life was plain and simple but he didn't have any complaints with it. He was happy with what he had. Unfortunately, his simple life came to an end when he died at a young age of 17, courtesy of [Truck Association]. Upon his death, instead of finding peace, his soul was abducted by an Outer-God. The dangerously powerful entity was able to "convince" Erik Saltzman soul about the world being riddled with pain and agony. He asked Erik if he wanted to end this "Cycle of Eternal Damnation". Outer God:- I will grant you strength, to end this all, no more suffering and everyone will be happy. Erik:- What is the price? True Paradise is just a fantasy which can't be achieved no matter what you do. Outer God:- It is true that a thing such as True Paradise can only be dreamt of but what if we change the reality into a dream? After all, everything is possible in a never-ending dream. Erik:- What do you propose? Outer-God:- To create a True Paradise, you must first make the "Impossible" into something "Possible". Erik:- Swapping reality with an everlasting dream..? Outer-God:- The "Eye Of The Moon Plan" Erik:- Madara wasn't able to succeed, and I don't need to tell you about his capabilities. What makes you think that I would succeed in doing something that he couldn't? Outer-God:- Firstly, You aren't affected by Plot-armour and secondly, you don't blindly believe in anything, you're caution and decision making sets you apart the rest. Erik:- Hm...How do you propose to even start this "Plan for Salvation"? Outer-God:- You will be sent to a dream world, [Irregular at Magic High school]. You will need to successfully put everyone in that world into a dream. That world is heading towards its destruction, so begin from there first. Erik:-Irregular world? You do know the danger that infests that world right? Not to mention the broken protagonist and his sister, how am I even supposed to survive there? Outer-God:- That where I come in, I will grant you a few abilities which shall help you in your endeavour. Erik:- Hmm..... Outer-God:- You would ask about your family? How they are? Erik:- Unfortunately, I can no longer affect that world and from my observation, you too can't....otherwise you would have chosen someone with a higher success rate. Outer-God:- On-point observation indeed. Erik:- I can only pray for them to have a happy life and move on. Outer-God:-Indeed... ----------------------------------------------------------- •Cover:-Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint. •Release rate:-4 chapters worth 1000 words per week. [We have created a server °•The Coffee Shop•° with the intent to help authors find a well-organized server where they don't have to worry about creating multiple channels and handle the server. The idea for this server is similar to Ink store but this is more of a joint-server which welcomes more authors to join. Discord link:-https://discord.gg/WXHTGQN]


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I have read till chapter 23 and it is simply FANTASTIC an awesome story with an even impressive character The character has an aura of mystery (thanks to various secrets of him we know nothing about) he is calm and is a cool mc The story is not a stupid wish fulfilment one as IT HAS ORIGINALITY (which is usually lacking in most Fanfics ) Mc is older than tatsuya So we can be sure he is not going to become some Lackey or a part of his friends *ahem* subordinates *ahem* Anyway writting quality is pretty good and the grammar is perfect So no issues on writing end I think 4 updates a week are pretty decent . Though as a greedy person that I am I am nit satisfied with it Author explains basic stuff which helps as I read the novel long time back Now here is a tiny tiny spoiler u can ignore it Author mentions somewhere that mc would leave this world . Now this is my question/request to the author to tell me if he is going to other world and .if he is then , is he going to take his wife with him because I am a fan of mild romance in action and am not very amused by the idea of leaving ur loved ones behind That being said, it is but a speculation which I wanted to clarify ... Anyway the author is doing a great job and I hope he doesn't get influenced by other people views , ultimately being unsatisfied by his own novel and then leaving it ... I can't imagine such a novel being left 😭 in middle of writing U Hv my support and of course my power stones. I am Still a minor So nothing on patreon end (if u hv one) for now ...Sorry and THANKS Keep updating


Great writing quality. Powerful MC. Smart MC. Stable Updates. This is such a great read. Recommended for those looking for Irregular at Magic High School fanfic.


I will skip through the usual pleasantries as this review is more like a complaint than anything else, a complaint to the author that seems he's hellbent on adding flaws to his own masterpiece. As you can see everything up there are 5 stars as everything is perfect, no typos, perfect character development, and design, perfect background description. Nothing to say here. My issues are the following... Why the hell are there so few romantic scenes with Mayumi... There is a lot of contradiction regarding what exactly does this novel represents. Sometimes, it is very serious, sometimes it has comedy, sometimes it has romance and sometimes I don't know, that in itself is not the problem as a book usually has all that. The problem is that they are not being properly merged together. Sometimes a situation that should be serious turns comedic thus taking out some impact from it. Sometimes, situations that should be romantic turn serious or comedic, also taking out the impact of the romance. It is frustrating that other pairings in this novel have more moments or development than the main pairing that is MC and Mayumi. Look and learn author, you can have many pairings in a novel, but you can never show more development than necessary with the secondary pairings. You can show that there is development for example that Erika is flushing in front of Leo or something like that, indicating that there might be some relationship between them in the future or them mentioning that they're going on a date, and then show the conclusion of the date. But no one fking cares about the date itself! Bro I swear, that date between the Chiba guy and Kyoko I was like: 'Okay, they are in a relationship, and talking about their future is normal' 'Okay, she made a rather bold and sultry remark there but I guess it can be expected for a couple' 'Why the hell are you showing me the lemon!!!!'*skips lemon* 'Why the hell are you showing me the after taste!!!!!!!!!!'*skips after taste* I mean for real you only do that in these cases: Either you're planning to make a Netori scenario where MC steals her or... I don't know as nobody fking cares about them, especially when they were introduced like 5 chapters ago. So please, even Naotsugu and Mari have more moments than Mayumi and MC. I would have been more interested in an MC x Miya situation than that unsettling scene you showed. Keep a proper flow, if the novel is serious, keep it serious. If it is funny, then keep it funny. Best Regards.


I am the exp of my Holy Scripture Review. Webnovel is my body, exp is my blood. I have created over a thousand useless reviews. Unknown to sleep, nor known to reality. I have withstood Cliff-Kun to create many reviews. Yet these hands will never tap anything. So, as I pray ... Unlimited Exp Works!


this dude is expert in this irregular high ff . . . . . .good luck bro and happy writing !!! good luck bro and happy writing !!! good luck bro and happy writing !!!


Can you continue the fanfic I freakin reincarnated with a system?????????????????? . . . . . . . . . . M m. . . ...


This fanfic is pretty good, the biggest problem i have with it is that it just throws you right into it, no prologue detailing his ordinary life and death, just shows him already established in the world. This is not that big of a problem, other than the fact that it seriously threw me for a few minutes as I kept switching from the story to synopsis. To anyone who wants to read this, do beware of that fact.


Great Novel Man. This novel shows some of the dark sides of the Irregular At Magic Highschool world and I absolutely love it. His ideals & philosophy are amazing and the way he goes about it is just excellent. I love his character design, his family background, & his pairing. I hope you don't drop this novel, I personally think this is your best work. Keep it up.


An original novel with an original idea and the writing is Op! An original novel with an original idea and the writing is Op! An original novel with an original idea and the writing is Op! An original novel with an original idea and the writing is Op!


I think i found good but I’m not sure if this gold will keep shining. I think its a good read and would highly recommend it. Good luck to the Author.


I finally found another irregular at magic high ff. keep up the good work and i hope it will continue to have stable updates :)


I would like to give author a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow


This fanfic that the author has written is very entertaining and engaging. I would say many novels created on Webnovel lack that. I honestly binge read the up until the latest chapter from start to finish. The grammar usage was great and words were properly capitalized and unclear points of the story were clarified. Overall one of the best reads in awhile for me. I hope that whoever reads this gives it a great chance.


I really like your work author-san, you write really well. I really like your work author-san, you write really well. I really like your work author-san, you write really well. I really like your work author-san, you write really well.


Author-san, really turns into a legendary person when writing, you have a lot in mind in writing this piece, while not making it look crowded and out place. You have a really great ability in contextualizing your ideas into a written form; not many could that (including me😅).


Reveal spoiler


Me gusta mucho tu historia espero que no la canceles por lo demás, cuando acabes la saga de mahouka mandalo a la saga de fate me gustaria saber como lo combinas con fate stay night


This fic is really good. The way you convey your story to us, the character interaction, writing quality, and your updating stability is consistent. My problem is the Mc itself, sometime he is good, sometime is neutral, sometime is pure evil, maybe it is just me who seemed like that. Though your story is really great.


This is something new, rarely see irregular at mhc have a good fanfic, very good, very nice. I highly recommend to read this since it's like a breath of fresh air for me




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