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"I, The the greatest samurai on glorious Royal, shall Grant you a fair and square Judgement!" A famous line from a professional gamer who reached the maximum level on Glorious Royal. Glorious Royal Is a Virtual Reality Game created by the famous Artic Corp based on the computer game they previously created. Sebastian Torres, The Player who uttered that famous line was from a very poor family so due to their circumstance he decided to play the game when he heard that the game had this 'Game currency exchange' Where the in-game currency can be exchanged to real money. Because of his survival instincts he gained from living in the slums he excelled on Close combat fights thus resulting to him to be unbeatable on the early stages of the game. Later on, On his journey he made friends , grew stronger and found his lover. He reached the pinnacle of the game in the 4th anniversary of the game. However, During his Adventure, He offended a second generation Young Master that resulted to the death of his family and lover and from then on he swore that he will not stop breathing until he put a bullet on that guys skull. He practiced. He master different kinds of weapons. Engaged in different kinds of illegal jobs just to prepare for his vengeance. And finally, During the party of that young master he brought a shotgun and Points it at that guys head and with a click, that young masters head blew up, Dyeing the white tables red. The joyous party instantly transformed into a funeral. On his revenge, Sebastian died because of the young masters Guard. The guard also blew his stomach. Sebastian falls to the ground and his vision blurred. And on his face, A bright smile can be seened and if one focused on him, They can hear him muttering. "Mother, Father, Joe and Lilith, my lover, I finally avenged you. Just wait a little more and I will be joining you up there" However, When he opened his eyes, He expected a blinding light like what those priest and Bibles said. ' When you Arrive at heaven, A blinding Light will welcome you and You will enter the gods palace '. That is what he expect . However, Like those famous 'Expectation vs Reality' memes, Reality is always far from expectations because instead of a blinding light , A shabby Room welcomed him. "What is happening? Didn't those priest said if your a good man, You will be accepted to God's side right? then What is this? Don't tell me what those anti - Christian Said are real, That those priests are just a Bunch of hypocrites?" Sebastian couldn't help but exclaim. But he is just about to rage, He heard a sweet voice calling for him, "Brother, It's time to eat! mother prepared our favorite Dish!" An angelic voice in hell? Really? was that even possible? wait... Then it hits him. A sinister smile escape from his lips without him noticing. "Hah! The heavens Must be favoring me! Jiao, You bitch. I, The Greatest Samurai on Glorious Royal Is reborn!" That's right, He is reincarnated. He swore that he will change everything . He will alter His and his family's Destiny.

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Just an advice here.If you have a dedication to make this novel a long term one,have the MC have a set of goals like making him and family have high standing in the RL,Surpass his Previous Life Achievements,And have A long term plan for his success in RL and IG,because Revenge/time travel type genre have so much potential than just killing the "2nd generation young master"and the cycle of revenge because you kill the antagonist...Anyways enough of my rant..Good luck in your novel...Just have fun in writhing and you will always have a path to follow in your novel..


Author here. Hi guys! I would like to ask you guys a favor of rating my work and vote for it. I accept opinions regarding the story because the reason the writers wrote is to satisfy you reader's needs.


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