Loving The Demon CEO Alexander GrandeLoving The Demon CEO Alexander Grande

Loving The Demon CEO Alexander Grande

by bbrightvcs

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[THIS BOOK IS NOT SLOW BURN] Alexander is the country's most powerful businessman. Sabrina is the rising star of her generation. When Alexander met Sabrina, it was love at first sight. He was immediately captivated by her humble personality and her smiles. Wanting her for himself, he did things to make her fall for him. Both Sabrina and Alexander had a painful past. Sabrina was left by her long time boyfriend, Jacob and Alexander had his mom killed right in front of him when he was 7. Their pasts will come haunt them in the future along with other problems that will arise on the way. Will their love for each other be enough to overcome the obstacles that awaits them? Or giving up will be the best option? *************** [EXCERPT] "Stay there! D-Don't come near me!" she said, but it was too late. Alexander had already trapped her between his arms. His hands on both sides of her head. "Look at you denying, so cute," he teased her and Sabrina's face turned redder. "What do you want Alexander!?" she complained, facing side ways, he was being too close! "Simple," he held Sabrina's chin and turned her face towards him, "Tell me you like me," he said while looking straight into her eyes. "Who likes you? Let me go!" she said while trying to push him, but he was too strong for her. "Just tell me if you want to hold my chest," he leaned closer to her ear, "I'm more than willing to let you touch me," he whispered. "You! You're corrupted!" Sabrina accused him then threw punches at his chest. Alexander grabbed both her wrists and pinned it on both sides of her head. "I'm only like this with you, don't worry," he smiled at her, "Now where were we? Oh right! You're confession," he said. "But I have nothing to confess!" Sabrina still tried to escape from this situation. "One more denial Sabrina and you know what's next, I'll count one to ten," he threatened her. He was really eager to hear it. "One," "Two," "Hey! I already said I don't have anything to confess!" "Three," "Alexander let me go!" "Four," "Are you freaking serious!?" Sabrina raised her tone. "Damn serious Sabrina, Six," Alexander continued to count. "Hey there's still number five!" "Eight," "Alexander!" "Nine," "Fine! Fine! I like you!" she blurted out, turning her head down due to embarrassment. Then suddenly she felt a hand cover the back of her neck and pull her. She felt Alexander's lips on hers. Alexander couldn't control himself anymore. The past 2 days he was away, Sabrina was the only person on his mind. He missed her so much. Yes, call him crazy, but it was how he felt. ------------------------------------------------- Instagram: @wn_bbrightvcs Discord: bbrightvcs #3450 PS. I don't own the book cover. Credits to the rightful owner.

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