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I'm not good giving reviews but I will try, ahem, I think that this novel is pretty good, you can see that the author has a big passion for everything anime in this and that is a good thing, I liked the world where the story takes place, a mix of magic and fantsy with modern day and how the author dosen't just stay in the island where the story takes place and talks about other countries and they're place in this world, where magic exists, the characters are all good and have, well, personality, the MC is quite the funny and mysterious one, I like that, as for the girls since this is a harem, they are plenty, the main one is quite cute and I like her, but I like the new one that comes from France better, now there is a small problem with grammar and structure, but it isn't as bad as others said at least for me. So in conlusion if you love anime and want to read something in the same style then this is a good choice, and don't let the few mistakes stop you from reading it.


After 36 Chapters i have say, that i really like the novel so far. Personally i'm not bothered by the grammar at all, its soooo much better then most other novels here on Webnovel. By any chance, are your from Germany/France/Sweden or something like that? You use those suuuuppppeeerrrr long sentences with many ",". It's totally uncommon in English but i do the same thing quite often because we have those "Bandwurmsätze" (super long sentences) here in Germany quite regularly. Beside that, the Story looks promising, but its to early to really say more about it. It is obvious that you really like anime and i quite enjoy those references a lot. I was little scared that it would get annoying after you mentioned them in the summary, but it wasn't. Regarding the romance; You're orientate on the Japanese light novel stile and that is totally fine. The romance in those are quite funny and super cute most of the time. I just REALLY hope, that you don't go with those super dense MC characters and a never developing harem setting. There are some good Japanese examples of super cute real harem settings with it just developing into a cute family kind of situation... And i really hope you'll go into a direction like that :x i would hate to see any girl sad/alone at the end, but i also would hate if the romance just stops hovering around, developing into nothing... :x I would have loved to write with you before writing this review, just to maybe get more insight in what direction you're planing to go. But that's sadly not possible here or on twitter, so i'll just hope for the best and may gonna update this review later on. So for the moment; Keep up for the good work! =D


Interesting premise, I'm super curious how the story would turn out. I just hope you continue writing, Cudos to you my friend. I'm looking forward to more chapter


The story seems promising and the author knows what they want to portray, though I would prefer it if you edit it or get it proofread. There are some grammatical errors, but it does not hinder the pace of the story. Also, if possible, reduce the length of the chapters as some readers tend to get bored with long chapters. This is just my advice, it not necessary for you to follow it if the plot asks for lengthy chapters. Overall, this is a good book. Keep up the good work author


I read the story so far as it went. I have many things to say, but I will summarize it in one sentence. *sliding head to ground bow* PLEASE GET A PROOFREADER. Ok. Just so you know, there are many idle people on NU(Novel Updates) that just are searching for some work during quarantine. Of course if you can, pay them a small sum because I'm sure you don't have the funds yet for a better offer. But many newbie proofreaders will help you for free because they want experience. Other than that, I liked the story, although it really reminded me of some of the old animes I watched when I was 16. Story development is also pretty decent ADVICE: Read your chapters multiple times to find if there is any discrepancy or a plot hole. I haven't seen any, but as I said, it needs to be read multiple times before catching it. World background is interesting, and I can say that you can keep it up, just find a proofreader. (This review comes from a grammar Nazi, so don't be sad, pls)


Interesting premise. I can definitely see the anime/manga/light novel influence on your work. You've got a good start, but there could definitely be some editing for the punctuation mistakes. With more practice you will improve, though. Keep on writing, you'll do good author!


"Endbringer" reads very much like a Japanese light novel, and I'm sure that's what the author was going for. Points to consider: -Dialogue and general formatting: As many reviews had pointed out before me, readers do prefer the usage of "Sentences that look like this," and that's all I could say about it. As for the general look of the story, it can get quite hard to read not only due to the dialogue, but also due to the long paragraphing. -Narration: I know this was written when you were still in high school, but editing it up now would do you good. (Even editing your narration in the first few chapters will attract you more readers). Also, dialogue was used a tad bit too much, so add a bit more narration too. Good points: -Many Japanese culture lovers will get attracted to your novel, and it's already getting there, so great job. To conclude, it's a great webnovel written in a lightnovel format, and therefore stands out from the others. There are slight problems in grammar and formatting, but otherwise, can be an interesting read. Good job, author!


Hi I've read your book and added to my favorite list too. It's interesting and a Wonderful story. I've been love to read fantasy stories,magics it really got my attention. 😊


Interesting story so far. I can see that you put a lot effort in your writing but I would suggest you to keep an eye on grammar and writing structures.


Hello guys.... I have really enjoyed the story.. I am not a big fan of **** romance to be frank. But this book is not anything like I expected... It is a perfect blend of entertainment and story so far. The only thing I find difficult is the names of the characters perhaps I am not used to it. No offense though. Good work author.


Interesting story so far. I can see that you put a lot effort in your writing but I would suggest you to keep an eye on grammar and writing structures. I would encourage you to read books in similar genre in order to get a sense how people write. keep up the good work


Alrighty! I can see that you are new to writing. Your concept is interesting, and what I liked more was how you're focussing on giving the enemy a background as well. It helps in creating insight. If I may be so bold, I'd like to suggest that you replace dialogues with descriptions about character's response and emotions. Try to keep dialogues to a bare minimum so that you can create an impact when humour is what you want to display. And don't you worry about writing, you'll get better over time. P.S. I gave it a read this morning but I wasn't logged in. Just mentioned it if my name doesn't show up in your reads.


The description is really good, so I was encouraged to dive into the book more. The character development is very good so good job with that. Needs little grammar work but I am looking forward to the book.


A nice story with uniqueness and a bit of anime feeling that gives a reader a new feeling. Good characters and world development and the chapters are getting better and better. Sometimes I found grammer mistakes but it's okay, everyone makes so it will be better with time.


A story that brings the nostalgia and amusement of anime in the form of a light novel, but is tragically underrated due to grammatical errors. Let's go through the good parts, cause they are much more and will give a better context. First and foremost, this story reminded me of the first year I genuinely watched anime. I wasn't into it as a kid, and even in college, when many said I should try it - such as one punch man or gangsta - I was hesitant. Then I got into it ... and ended up binge watching so many animes, it took 3 weeks of my life where I did nothing but watch anime (thank God it was vacation time). And this story, it brings back that nostalgia. For a second, in the beginning, I was getting Infinite Stratos vibes, but also A Certain Magical Index tone was there too (even more so when the FL entered the story), and I really appreciated it. I couldn't help but imagine the scenes, like when Tatsuro (forgive me if I'm misspelling his name) had trouble waking up and getting his cheeks stretched quite vividly, like I was watching an anime. Then there's his personally, it's just like those MC's from the anime. Silly, yes, cookie cutter, yes, but still appreciated. And yes, I know some will complain that these are actually the overused cliches and tropes from anime, but I didn't feel exasperated and groan; I felt nostalgic and laughed. And this is an incredible feat for the author because, no offense, it was really hard to read with all the grammar errors. And that is the one downfall for this book: the writing errors. I'll be honest, it's really hard to read as there are many spelling errors and barely any semblance of sentencing structures. But that's the only negative for this book. And this all correlates to the rating I'm giving. If I was to be brutally frank, the novel would get an average, a 3 stars or something worse. But I won't. I never give less than 4 stars and that is because it is disheartening for the author. Writing a story, a world, a universe even ... it's a daunting task for anyone. And even more so for someone who is not a native English speaker. Even for me, I'm a native English speaker, I've studied how to write and all, and yet I make mistakes all the time in my novel. Nobody's perfect and it's not nice to shoot someone down for that. So that is why I'm giving this novel 4 stars even though I feel it needs a bit more work; to not only support the author, but encourage him to not give up and keep writing. I would suggest releasing this novel in your native language as well, be it japanese, filipino, heck, even Arabic. It might attract more readers that way. And don't be said, people might not be commenting on your story but they read the story and so will I (I'm not removing this from my library). So do your best author-san and keep up the great work! p.s I'm sorry, I'm writing this review before correcting your first chapter. I've actually had some problems but I'm gonna sit down and help you rewrite your first chapter. I just don't know when.


I love these kinds of stories. The writing is solid and the characters have a lot of....well character. This is really great. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and will continue as the story progresses.


Who's the narrator? The narrator has some sort of personality on its own. It adds spice to the whole storytelling. I'm loving your story so far. Though there are grammatical errors here and there, I can certainly overlook it because I'm more focused on the content. Would still suggest to do some editting. Your work is cool. Please keep going. 👍


This novel has a Japanese light novel flair to it that is rare to find on this site, the writing is pretty good too, making reading it enjoyable. If you like Japanese style of characters and writing, you will find yourself at home here.


Ok so I just want to say that this story do be hella pog tho. So author, please keep it up and don't stop writing! Umm, that's all i have to say so have some random words: klrwnqelrknwe


The story is very entertaining, it keeps reminding me of an anime about magic and fantasy. The MC is a boy with an attractive character when you follow his trail while reading and his interactions with the girls around him are endearing and nostalgic, reminiscent of a good harem anime. :)


From the first chapter alone, this is a fun and intriguing book to read! Very good descriptions and I love how it's written in the narrator's point of view instead of 1st person or 3rd person. Thx for recommending your book to me!