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A story that brings the nostalgia and amusement of anime in the form of a light novel, but is tragically underrated due to grammatical errors. Let's go through the good parts, cause they are much more and will give a better context. First and foremost, this story reminded me of the first year I genuinely watched anime. I wasn't into it as a kid, and even in college, when many said I should try it - such as one punch man or gangsta - I was hesitant. Then I got into it ... and ended up binge watching so many animes, it took 3 weeks of my life where I did nothing but watch anime (thank God it was vacation time). And this story, it brings back that nostalgia. For a second, in the beginning, I was getting Infinite Stratos vibes, but also A Certain Magical Index tone was there too (even more so when the FL entered the story), and I really appreciated it. I couldn't help but imagine the scenes, like when Tatsuro (forgive me if I'm misspelling his name) had trouble waking up and getting his cheeks stretched quite vividly, like I was watching an anime. Then there's his personally, it's just like those MC's from the anime. Silly, yes, cookie cutter, yes, but still appreciated. And yes, I know some will complain that these are actually the overused cliches and tropes from anime, but I didn't feel exasperated and groan; I felt nostalgic and laughed. And this is an incredible feat for the author because, no offense, it was really hard to read with all the grammar errors. And that is the one downfall for this book: the writing errors. I'll be honest, it's really hard to read as there are many spelling errors and barely any semblance of sentencing structures. But that's the only negative for this book. And this all correlates to the rating I'm giving. If I was to be brutally frank, the novel would get an average, a 3 stars or something worse. But I won't. I never give less than 4 stars and that is because it is disheartening for the author. Writing a story, a world, a universe even ... it's a daunting task for anyone. And even more so for someone who is not a native English speaker. Even for me, I'm a native English speaker, I've studied how to write and all, and yet I make mistakes all the time in my novel. Nobody's perfect and it's not nice to shoot someone down for that. So that is why I'm giving this novel 4 stars even though I feel it needs a bit more work; to not only support the author, but encourage him to not give up and keep writing. I would suggest releasing this novel in your native language as well, be it japanese, filipino, heck, even Arabic. It might attract more readers that way. And don't be said, people might not be commenting on your story but they read the story and so will I (I'm not removing this from my library). So do your best author-san and keep up the great work! p.s I'm sorry, I'm writing this review before correcting your first chapter. I've actually had some problems but I'm gonna sit down and help you rewrite your first chapter. I just don't know when.




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Thanks! I know about the grammar errors they are sorta of my weekness (it was the reason why i didn't get better grades in english classes) but i will try to get better so its more enjoyable to read! And i have to thank you again for your tips as they are helpfull and also for the review it made me happy that you enjoyed my story! (Even with all those grammatical errors)