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The Mech Touch is a popular web novel written by the author Exlor, covering CRAFTING, SCI-FI, ADVENTURE, MALE MC, SCIENCE FICTION, MALE LEAD, MECHS, MECH DESIGNER, STARSHIPS, SPACE OPERA, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 19.9M readers with an average rating of 4.64/5 and 1931 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 2117 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After obtaining the Mech Designer System, Ves aims to create the greatest mechs in the galaxy! In the far future, the galactic human civilization has entered the Age of Mechs. The countless lesser powers of humanity have come to adopt mechs as their main weapons of war! Only a small number of humans have the right genetic aptitude to pilot these destructive war machines the size of buildings. Born to a military family in the edge of the galaxy, Ves Larkinson is one of the many people who lacks the talent to earn glory in battle. Instead, he became a mech designer. Helped by his missing father, Ves has obtained the mysterious Mech Designer System that can help him rise in the galaxy and beyond! His mechs based on the principles of life quickly allows him to rise to prominence. Powerful and highly compatible with mech pilots, his products have the potential to take the market by storm! However, success does not come easily, and countless challenges bar his ability to sell his mechs to a market eager for innovation! With the sins of the human race in the galactic arena slowly catching up, Ves must navigate the perils of the ultra-competitive mech market and maintain control over his growing organization of misfits. This is the golden age of mechs. This is the golden age of humanity. The question is, will it last? "Any challenge can be overcome as long as I design the right mech!" --Join The Mech Touch's unofficial Discord server: https://discord.gg/APB5KCU Cover Art by Derek-Paul Carll (carlldpn)

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I have spent a lifetime reading and writing countless stoic management reports, design briefs, equipment analysis reviews, and business presentations. None of which I would ever describe as witty, insightful, or entertaining until I read by chance The Mech Touch by Exlor. His LMC company designs and builds machines of war from the ground up. This novel will leave your nerd senses tingling for more, and if you think flicking a wall switch to light up a room is magic you will find this book magical from chapter to chapter. Toss away your paperbacks, embrace technical devices and immerse yourself in 'The Age of Mechs'!


I rather enjoy this story. Its more of a slow burn in terms of pacing, which can understandably be a bit frustrating. I'm actually not a super big fan of the actiony bits where Ves gets personally involved, but I understand their importance within the context of the story. I started reading this story because I was looking for something a bit more relaxed compared to the normal fare that I read. The MC often has many conflicting goals so it often feels like he's dragging his feet a bit, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. I don't believe its ever been stated that Ves is a super driven person, so bouts of procrastination aren't uncommon and serve to make him seem more realistic. I don't think said dragging of feet has ever been particularly egregious, but at the same time I binged 350+ of the chapters at once so my perspective may be a bit skewed as a result. Since I've caught up to the most recent chapters, the story's been updating at a pace of two per day, so I think the updating pace is pretty stable. I think the supporting cast is fine, but the story is definitely very focused on Ves himself. We know the names of other characters and a bit of their backstories/motivations, but we don't go super in depth about them. I would say this is an area that could be improved upon, but not something that really detracts from the overall quality of the story itself. As for the World Background, we've been given glimpses into the universe as a whole outside of the small bubble the story's been primarily focused on. As a result, we know there is a greater universe with other planets/characters/aliens out there waiting to be explored. From my recollection, I don't believe there's been too many lore dumps. As things become relevant, Ves (and we as readers) learn more about them, but never really to a truly overwhelming extent. All in all, I think this is a fun story that's trying to be a bit different from the normal fare on this site. From that context, I believe the story I've given is fair. There's room for improvement, but nothing that detracts significantly from its overall quality. I think if you enjoy Superstars of Tomorrow this will be something you might enjoy as well.


*I have read every single chapter up to 1736, skipping and skimming nothing* Slight inclusion of very mild spoilers that mean nothing out of context )) First, I have to say that the critics of the Vandal arc aren’t wrong. When I first read about the conscription, I assumed a time skip would be employed at some point. When they arrived at the Aeon corona system, I assumed time would be sped up on the planet rather than slowing down- this seemed like a great chance to accelerate the war ark. Nevertheless, the MC grew a lot during the arc. It is a bit of a stretch, but this is shaping up to be a 5000 chapter story at this rate. Dedicating 600+ chapters to preliminarily shape the MCs character from a timid indoctrinated weakling into a prototype of a business leader able to survive in a cutthroat world has at least some merit. Before you discount me completely- yes, I agree, there was some ‘false advertisement’. Being disconnected from the system for so long was counter to what most system novels do and many fellow readers will be justifiably annoyed at that. Me? I have no issue. Whilst I love your standard system trope chewing gum novels as much as the next guy sometimes, this isn’t that. In one of the recent chapters, the author described serving in the army as a means, not an end. That is the same thing I have to say for my perspective on his usage of the system. Whilst I cannot speak for the author, what I see from his work is an amalgamation. In mech touch speak, the design seed of the novel has taken fractured spiritual pieces from many different genres and used them to craft its own unique identity. Many people comment about the novel not conforming to expectations from various genres. Well... why should it? In webnovel speak, why continue to define a story by the same tags it started with if the story has come to a point where they are no longer the best choice? What if Ves loses the Metal Scroll for good? I’m sure the readers will riot(I’m sure the thought of introducing this plot element gives the author a headache for this reason) , but my point is that what if it makes the story better for it? Unlike so many people saying how the story has deteriorated, I have actually read the whole thing word for word. Whilst I agree that there were times where I was weary with parts of the story, I have never been disappointed. When ves returns from war, the Story picks up and becomes so much more phenomenal. The start of the new mech generation and his new mechs with their expanding repertoire of abilities are increasingly interesting to read about Tbh,I really tip my hat to the author. Perhaps the difference between phase tech mechs and mastercraft mechs are a subtle jibe at the non conformity of this story to cookie cutter ideologies. I’m sure any mildly intelligent person can think up 100 arguments against anything they wish. ‘Mech designers are unstable, hence justifying the MC making retarded decisions that help the plot’ I’ll take that excuse at face value. Why not? It makes for an interesting plot point. ‘the novel is so much about business but the business aspect isn’t realistic’ I’m entertained reading about it. I’m not a business magnate myself, nor do I expect the author to be too perfect? ‘What’s with cultivation? Why doesn’t it work like this or like that?’ Spirituality is obscure. Can the author make it more obvious? Does a massive pirate ship full of spirituality users not hammer home the point that only the strongest organisations really use it? Whilst Ves always calls it his unique advantage, there have been many hints in the story that he is well aware that he is not unique. He is aware that he is reinventing the wheel in some areas. He chooses not to think about that because it is not helpful to him. Many things are inherently open to debate. The author is building a universe. Where’s the fun if it’s perfect? I encourage fellow readers to read everything. This story is worth it. Enjoy!!


Hello, this is the author of The Mech Touch, and I'll shamelessly review my own story to provide some clarification. This novel is my original work and I'm writing it as I go. My goal is to write a webnovel with the consistency and quality of Qidian's mainstay stories. This means that I will do my utmost to keep up a regular updating schedule and upload chapters with decent word counts without detrimentally affecting its quality. I have a decade-long history of writing fanfiction and have published about 800,000 words in a dozen different stories, so I'm an old hand at this. I know more than almost anyone else what readers demand from authors, so I will work hard to meet your expectations. The Mech Touch is a story that I came up with a whim, but found it good enough to start writing immediately. I wanted to write an engaging sci-fi mech novel but from an original premise. Incorporating a 'System' into the story might be a cheap and overused plot element, but its fun and it works for the audience of this website.


This is one of the best and well thought out Orginal novels on Qidian. The relaxed and smooth transitions and clear descriptions of the characters, mechs and building processes are amazing to see from someone who is not a professional writer. But all of these pale in comparison to the godly battle scenes in this novel. By far some of the most exciting and powerful battles and battle descriptions I have ever read. Even if you don’t normally enjoy mechs you should try this novel.


it has mechs. a lot of mechs. and I like mechs. I may be biased but at least I know my bias. I enjoy my bias for mechs. this is the best mech related story I have ever read. as someone that spent over 100 hours in the Armored Core garage while never starting the final mission, this is right in my strike zone.


Man this is seriously one of the most engaging LN i've read. And i've read a ton of them. Some may argue that the pace is too slow, but if i find something to be one of the strenghts of your work is precisely that detailed build up. Keep up the good work, i'm a fan now.


The Mech Touch is one of the best original novel in this site, sadly it was become worst and worst. The story itself is interesting, the writing is a solid one, it is one of the best writing quality I have ever seen in original novel. So whats the problem? At first the story progress is slow but detailed about the MC, it was understandable as the author try to paint the world around MC. But what happen if that keep happening for 500 chapter? Then you got slow, full of bs and useless story or filler you may call. The story development become more and more slow, and you got a turtle pace story. Mob character get so much attention for 10-30 chapter and then disappear as they either dead, or become useless for the MC. Then you may think, why dont the author cut the filler, focus on the MC and stop making the story longer and longer than necessary? My answer, greed, the author is full of greed for your SS. Not it is wrong, not my problem, my problem is the time you wasted reading this useless filler story that got little to no impact to the MC and core story! You hope the story progress but for 3 days or 6 chapter and more it still stuck to that one battle with almost no relation to the MC, author keep making detailed BS of this mob character A who killed mob character B, C, D, E, F and so on so on. And it was not the first time he do it! While he keep making this BS nobody care, the character building become abandoned, many important side character got little to no story, and a mob character got more than 10 chapter, "u mad bro?" Another problem of this "detailed filler" is it wasnt even that interesting or correct enough, the chain command in the military is so bad and stupid the MC's country should be destroyed long ago. The mob character got to many explanation, you start to think maybe he become the next side chara, and then bam, no word anymore. Another time there is a filler full of mech battle, wait not that kind of mech battle, I mean what pilot in mech battle think in the fight, it wasnt even that interesting or important, and it got so many explanation! Like the reader care about that kind of BS! The author only want to increase word count like greedy chinese webnovel author, so he got more SS. Author build so many background BS, the story become so full of background story that got no explanation or attention for a long long long time! And he keeps adding more! The MC unfinished problem at chapter is maybe 1 or 2, but at chapter 500 he got 10 or more. There is no focus in the story, author is not just greedy about SS, but greedy about all kind of story development. It become to chaotic because of all the filler! This novel is a HONEY TRAP! It have excellent writing, but chaotic story development. You may read and think how good the story is at first, but as you go, and read far above 200 chapter, it become snail pace and full of filler. The problem is it was very subtle, and when you realize it you already read far to many chapter, therefore a honey trap, it was a good story until you realize it is a trash. Dont believe me? Read it yourself! Waste you time, I dont care. I only rant here because the author never read comment.


Im usualy not a fan of mecha and all that kind of stuff but i have to say that you did a great job, i just love it, one of the best original work i found on this web site, thanks for the good read man ! keep it up !


When i started reading this novel, it became more and more interesting with the MC's developement, but as kept reading on, the author seems to completely scrap all of the MCs development at the start of a new arc. His stats also dont match his abilities, and many of skills are ignored as if they never existed even tho they did 100 chapters back. The fun parts bout reading this novel is about his development plans and how his mechs are used in battles, and even tho the "intellect level" of the MC is high, he keeps doing the same stupid mistakes over and over again, not improving them or getting worse from them. The arcs seem to continue on for 30-50 chapters and only 7-10 or so of those chapters are actually part of the story, the rest are just word count/chapter count requirement. I have to stop reading this novel now, cause the author has already detracted from what makes this such a good story. Thank you tho author, it was a fun ride, the first 100 or so chapters.


As others have stated, this novel is very much a slow burn with rather slow progression and more detail on the finer details such as worldbuilding. Conceptually, I find this aspect of the story most interesting which is very high praise considering I'm more into fantasy over sci-fi/mechs. The level of detail is just right, in my opinion. Though it does tend to stress certain concepts several times, it doesn't feel repetitive unlike in a certain sword god novel. I noted that certain arcs felt 'slow' at the time, but looking back, they're very much necessary in how they contribute to worldbuilding and the overall plot. Character development is rather good for this reason as well as being a non-plot-driven slow-burn. Other characters are distinct in their characteristics and dialogue and it's not just a slew of side characters. I'd definitely recommend giving this novel a shot.


I've been enjoying this story and where I think it's going. Having seen some of the interesting grammar being used in the original novel section, this is a nice breath of fresh air and an clever idea with good implementation. Keep up the good work!!!


A really excellent story. I'm a sucker for mech stories in general, but this is still stand out. Solid writing, consistently good grammar and a protagonist that doesn't seem to be having an OP lucid dream put this story at the top of those on webnovel. That said, please do something about that cover. I almost didn't read the book, assuming anyone who half-assed a cover rather than spend five minutes on it would be half-assing the book. Granted, that wasn't the case, but it's just shoddy. It's easy. Here's how: 1. Go to Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/en/) which has free commercial quality images. 2. Search for mechanics, or robotics, or something else you find interesting. Download an image. 3. Open it in paint. 4. Make a colored border by using the "fill area" bucket-shaped button. Black, or a darker shade of the background color for the image itself will work well. 5. Then click the letter that lets you add text and name it. Put "The Mech Touch" at the top, and "By Exlor" at the bottom. Make sure to use a different color for the font so that it's legible (eg, white on the black border), and to use a font size large enough to be legible. 6. Save and upload as your cover.


Well, when i picked up this novel 5-6 months ago, I enjoeyed it like a madman. When stellar-planetary arc started i suffered for quie a while waiting for it to be completed, when it did. i was quite happy and enjoyed this novel at that time, BUT ( here's why i dont recommend this novel) War arc starts- Honestly, it killed novel as a whole piece and i didnt even read all of chapters, just skipped new updates to see when it finally ends. Well 5 months later, im still waiting :) 0/10000 story development wise


Although sometimes the writing quality is a little workmanlike, this is a standout among original novels, with excellent pacing and excellent mech creation/mech fighting scenes, as well as a well-thought out galactic setting. First off, it should be stated that this novel explicitly is a very genre novel, that focuses heavily on, well, mech design and combat, and as such your personal feelings towards the trappings of galactic sci-fi, hulking multi-ton humanoid robots, and incessant tinkering of mech design and loadouts is going to strongly influence your views of the story. Also, it's a System novel, that is to say, a mysterious AI cheat where he gains xp and levels up skills through a system, and it's also, less obviously, a cultivation novel where he progresses through tiers of mech design in a world where there his cheat bootstraps him out of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom into the concentric rings of power where even as he outpaces all his competition, there's always more competition of his age of equal or greater power to him, and there are 500-year-old masters out there. Being a genre novel, it demands that the mech design and combats are done well, and in that, it can only be said that the author has succeeded. The thoughts of the MC are easy to follow in his design, and there's a good spread of his efforts and his results. While most of his designs are at least competent and clearly show his growth as a designer, some are merely competent, and others are great successes which show his future paths. The vagaries of the "real world" and various competitions do a good job of stretching him out of his competence zones and his plans for the future while remaining plausible. Overall, it's a reflection of the author's abilities, a reasonably intelligent MC with plans for the future whose plans and expenditures are often dictated by short-term need. At the same time, the authorities or other movels in the background behind such plot devices explain them reasonably so that they don't feel like contrivances, but actual tests or simply unpredictable events. Sometimes the MC makes bad decisions, but he often reflects on them at some point later, and sometimes he wins just by plain luck, but that's okay too - the nature of the world is clear - the MC has very little control of anything but his own actions and by and large, he's a small fish in a big pond. The system, while inordinately powerful, doesn't overwhelm the story because of its fairly obtuse nature and the dependence on difficult-to-gain experience points (or design points, whatever). While the MC doesn't fully take advantage of the system (he would clearly progress faster if he focused solely on virtual gaming sales), it's understandable because he's truly in a sunk cost scenario, and besides, from a story perspective all the action is taking place in the real world. The story has a lot of long-term mysteries where the game isn't given away right away, and there's plentiful foreshadowing, whether it's the upcoming galactical upheaval of a new generation of mechs, the murky history of starship warfare, the system itself, potentially hostile alien empires on the fringes of human space, and of course, whereever in the heck the MC's father has disappeared to. Minor characters are well-fleshed out, and all have their own motivations outside of the MC, which is contributed to by the strong world-building. Enemies don't obsess over the MC, and "bad guys" aren't unreasonably suicidal. Overall, it feels like a plausible, reasonable society. People for the most part do their jobs, have human desires, and although understandably many of the people the MC meets are ambitious or immature, everything is generally within the bounds of people who have grown up in societies that are largely controlled by rule of law, even the pirates and the young masters of the world. The MC himself is a classic loner, but not pathologically like so many MCs are. He has friends and rivals and no bizzare attitudes against working with others. He is a bit of an everyman, in that he doesn't really have any obvious strengths, nor any obvious weaknesses, or any particularly unusual moralities, but there's nothing really wrong with that. There's quite a bit of leaning in the MC being a country bumpkin who is a frog-in-a-well, but compared to standard cultivation novels, I find this trope a lot more acceptable when you're working with galactic scales. "Cultivation advantages" of the rich and powerful that the MC has to face in a constant power curve is explained away with genetic modification. The nascent game world feels pretty weak and imbalanced to me, but as it's largely fallen by the wayside as the novel has progressed, this isn't a big deteriment to the story. More troubling is the bizarre economics/technology of the world, where the hinterlands are inexplicably generations behind the tech centers of the human race, especially as the novel takes the conceit that fabricators can cheaply pump out the most complex circuits and engines in a matter of minutes with virtually no labor involved - the novel goes into great detail multiple times how armor cladding is far and away the most expensive part of a mech because material cost dominates over production costs. Still, it's a fairly minor problem compared to many system/cultivation settings, just don't look too closely at the man behind the curtain.


Reveal spoiler


Wow! Impressed by the quality of this one, this is pro Author material stuff there! Just dig in, i though the 3 star review was something to be warry because of the 65 like, and WTH, did those guys really haved readed the same novel as i have? I guess not, this is a pure gem, just dig in, fell into it, this is the story you all searched, binge readed this from morning to midnight.


This first couple arcs are a fantastic tale of industry intrigue and competition. There are awesome set pieces, mystery, exciting battles, all of which contribute to the overall plot. The second half is just a Star Trek rip off that even the protagonist can wait to end. Its boring, and has no clear weight on the main plot. There no stakes, no mech designs, no other fun characters (except Ketis way later) This isn’t the first time I’ve seen an author shoot there story in the foot by introducing a long and, at the end of the day, waste of time arc. Maybe theres a huge pay off at the end, but several hundred chapters to get there means you’re milking the story for your readers money more than advancing the plot.


like this novel but so much expensive on the SS per chapter vs amount of release per day. realease more and lower ss to about 6-8 per chapter. 140 140 140 140 characters.


Its a really good story with so much space to develope when i started reading it was Just beca use of the genre but once you read a couple chaps you need to keep going so if the author ever want to translate it to spanish please let me know


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