2460 Schooling Master Willix

Inside the lab of the Ubiquitous Force, two mech designers faced each other.

Despite the immense disparity in age, knowledge and accomplishments, the older of the two listened attentively to the younger mech designer.

In a complete flip of normality, the Journeyman Mech Designer was in the process of schooling the Master Mech Designer!

"The basic premise of my work is symbiosis." Ves began. "As you certainly know, I categorize my design philosophy as Metaphysical Man-Machine Symbiosis. Each and every word has meaning."

Master Willix looked intrigued. "I believe I understand the meaning of three of the four words in this description. However, the exact meaning of the first eludes me. Metaphysics encompasses many different fields. You need to be more specific."

"Ah, I don't disagree. To be honest, another word is supposed to stand in its place. Am I allowed to say the P-word here?" Ves cautiously asked.


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