3344 Admission

The small hangar bay of the unknown dwarven frigate was clean and largely empty. There was no dwarf in sight and Ves was not able to glean a lot of relevant clues.

"It looks like Calabast is right." Ves concluded.

The tools, parts and the overall quality of the interior construction were all high-end. The ship was built with Vulcanite design principles in mind, but everything looked a lot more expensive and high-performing than typical.

There was a distinct lack of decorations, though. The overall look of the interior of the frigate was devoid of needless decorations and symbols. The deck and bulkheads were left uncoated, allowing Ves to get a clear glimpse at the spotless clean gunmetal grey alloys.

Of course, this was just the hangar bay and did not reflect what the rest of the starship was like.


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