1170 Sanctity of Belief

The Barracuda passed through the borders of the Bright Republic and the Ylvaine Protectorate after a thorough inspection. While the Protectors of the Faith came off as intense and distant, they didn't mistreat the Brighters.

The permissions that Ves and his entourage obtained were all authentic. An important member of the Curin Dynasty invited them over, so the Protectors of the Faith didn't have any cause to halt their entry into their state.

The head inspector did pass on a warning before he boarded the inspection shuttle docked alongside the Barracuda.

"Foreigners, especially Brighters like you, tend to question our faith. In the name of the Prophet, I advise you not to push the boundaries of our hospitality. Our beliefs are our beliefs. We know better than to expect the rest of the galaxy to convert to our faith, but we at least expect our guests to keep their noses to themselves."


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