2458 Dark Child

The news was too much for Ves to take!

His mind completely blanked for a time. Master Willix seemed to expect such a reaction. Instead of shaking Ves out of his daze, she turned on her chair and fiddled with one of her lab machines.

A slot in the machine slid open, exposing a glowing liquid substance held in a stasis cage. A small bot flew down to pick it up and take it away.

Another bot appeared to deposit a similar material in the slot. Soon, the lab machine began to perform some unknown procedures.

It was only then that Ves pulled himself out of his shock. He looked at Master Willix with a lot of doubt.

"Is Mr. S. truly a Star Designer?" He whispered.

He knew that this wasn't true. The Ouroboros wasn't an impressive mech at all compared to other Terran mechs. How could the MTA possibly mistake the former dueling mech as the work of a Star Designer?


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