1152 Mentally Displaced

Ves struck when Axelar was asleep. While his resting mind still reveled in the cocktail of chemicals that continuously entered his blood stream, the drugs he tended to take during his sleep were fairly mellow.

With Axelar asleep and sedated with his sleep-inducing stimulants, Ves stopped hiding his presence.

After a lengthy pause, he stopped hesitating on what he was about to do. Whether it worked or not, there was no harm in trying. The only way that Axelar would stop partaking in drugs and do something productive in his life was if Ves intervened directly!

To that end, Ves decided to see if he could take over Axelar's body.

"I'm a Journeyman now. My Spirituality and consciousness is much stronger than before!"

While Axelar was a very talented mech pilot, his mind was constantly in a mush. Even if he was sober, he could never contend against Ves on a spiritual level.


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