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What is Reincarnated As Mizuki

Reincarnated As Mizuki is a popular fanfic written by the author IWANTMYDINNER, covering NARUTO, REINCARNATION, HARÉM, ISEKAI, TRANSMIGATION, R-18, ROMANCE, ACTION, COMEDY, WEAK TO STONG, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 2.5M readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 98 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 113 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Yes! I reincarnated in Naruto! I wonder what kind of unique kekkei genkai or hiden my clan has? Perhaps even a tailed beast" "What do you mean I get none? what kind of fucking god are you even?" "Ok, so who are you gonna reincarnate me as? Maybe a filler character or a member of a minor clan? No?" "Eh? Why am I HIM oh no, nononono, God Damnit, Why did I reincarnate as the fucking tutorial boss?!" How will the Fate of the Naruto World change when the soul of a weeb reincarnates into one of it's most useless characters? Read on and Find out! Current Release Rate: hahahahahahahahahahahha Obligatory Disclaimer because everyone else has one and I don't wanna get sued: I do not own the Naruto Series, nor any of the characters who inhabit it. 2nd Disclaimer: This shit is an AU. I screwed up the timeline bc why not, so if details are really important to you, I’d give this one a pass chief. Ok, so I'm hot garbage at writing summaries ok >.

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Shameless Author here to endorse myself! I am a first time writer so the novel is probably gonna be a little bit shaky in some parts. I based the novel on the thought that if a weeb was reincarnated as some random shinobi, what would they do? So, being the dumbass that I am I decided to write a novel about it. Hope you all enjoy the ride!


OK I was board and was not going to expect much from this reincarnation of a D rank Naruto villein....boy was I wrong! The poor guy gets **** on in his first life and the god that sends him off just dicks him over and gave him nothing no cheat no system no advantage....nothing. And that's what makes it great this guy is like Naruto without a hack.I am an instant fan of this and you should spend your time reading this hidden gem!


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Dope...a good Mizuki fanfic..the other I personally thought was ****. Suggestion: OP MC...romance..fluff..no tragic/angsty/separation ****. Maybe give the MC a special ability?


This fanfic is just slice of life type of naruto, where the mc is average if i say. This is also not an op mc. This story is just slow paced type of story. Where the author focuses on friendship, relationship and peers. If you dont want an op mc then dont read. I myself is dissapointed. Well god bless..


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I like it it’s different to the other naruto fanfictions this will either be great or flop. Right now ots looking good a lot of potential mc is above average but can be op if he is cunning and smart enough. He will need to make more friends like guy for body and uchia guy for traveling fast e.t.c to absorbe their techniques Gl author and keep them chapters comming release rate is great atm


MC bit naive, thank you anyway.


Unlike much of the gibberish on this site not only is this story in legible English, but the author also did not make the main character instantly op. Some strong points in this story are: -The author spends time to breath life into the other characters in his story. -The mc while not instantly op is on the path to power unlike some other wimp mcs. -The author makes every bit of the story somewhat interesting, so I don't find myself wanting to skip any parts of the story unlike other fanfics that can feel dull at times. I hope the author doesn't drop the novel like so many other authors have done to fics in the SI genre. The only real downside is that updates seem rather sporadic.


Round up to 5 stars. ...............................................................................................................................................


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Normally i dont give one star reviews but i just couldn't stop myself. There are various problems with this. First, and this may be subjective to me, this fanfic made me cringe alot. And not in a good way. Second, the timeline is a mess. Characters are in places where they shouldnt be yet and meet other characters at a time where it would have been impossible. Third, the whole story just feels like a wish fullfillment of the author, which is an okay thing to do, but it has been a bad read for me and I just couldnt enjoy it. The setting and the idea where great, but the execution left me Disappointed. There are also spelling and grammar errors. sometimes missing words, which just disturb the readability. I hope the author improves with this experience for i can see that he is creative with his ideas.


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well, I did this review just to support the author, because this fanfic has been great so far and I want it to continue, so I only have one thing to say to my fellow readers, you can read without worry! You will not regret!




I actually did not expect much from this novel initially so even thoudh the title kept popping up in search results , I ignored it. BUT boy, I was wrong . I will simply say that its a hidden gem and one of the best naruto fan fic I have read(a must read ) . @ author please don't drop it


I love this Naruto fan fiction and with it interesting approach for the main character. But most importantly stay awesome author 👍👍👍 Please don’t drop🙏🥺




I came here for Harem not gonna lie. Damm I hooked even though Harem part is left behind and the fighting scenes are really notables. Really love this fanfic. Now I am sticking to plot and story building. Both of them are brilliant . The most strongest point for this novel is MC in my opinion. MC is really likable


If only you could upload 4 chapter a week that would be good. For anyone who is looking for a good Naruto fanfic this is the best. The MC does get a little bit hypocrite but hey all of the Naruto character were hypocrites so this is a must try. I only gave 4.6 for inconsistent update which I can understand as author also has a life.


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