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One Piece: Z Pirates (one piece fan fiction)


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Mark Z. Matheus is a boy reincarnated from earth to the amazing world of "One Piece" with his memories intact, he dreams about finding the "One Piece" and no one with the will of D. Shall take that away from him. Mark wants to experience the exciting world of "One Piece" seen from his own perspective no one shall stand in front of him when it comes to chasing his dream! it doesn't matter if you are a "Seven Warlord" "Admiral" or even an "Emperor" Anyone who stands in Mark's path shall perish! ------------------ Disclaimer! English is not my first language, so please bare over with him. Author Note: I'm just writing this fanfiction because I'm trying to improve my English, the story is hard to write because it needs a lot of logical reasons and I feel like I'm in school studying while trying to find details about the small stuff going on in the "One Piece" world. I really appreciate all you guys support! This has been a pretty fun story to write so far, I really hope you guys will be there when the journey ends ;) Thank you for taking the time to read this little fun project XD


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