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Ghost Rider Through the Multiverse

What would you do if you were betrayed? Would you wallow in self-pity or would you seek VENGEANCE? Vengeance is something so many innocents wish for but don't receive and so that's why our mc is going to deliver what is long overdue. .... Just thought that I would add; I dont have a schedule and this is purely for fun. I have a general idea of how I want the story to go, but I will still need to think of the events leading to those points and might take a while to do so. Planned Worlds: One Piece MHA ... DXD ??? (Probably a few randoms) ATG Disclaimer: I don't own any of the original works that appear.

PassiveAtom5140 · Fantasy

One Piece: Harem King

What would you do if you woke up in the world of One Piece with a powerful System? Live life to the fullest in a world where strength speaks! Join me on discord! https://discord.gg/MD52q22

Orademo · Fantasy Romance

Crocodiles hero academia. {complete}

This is a story about a guy who ends up in MHA with crocodiles abilities from one piece. He isn’t interested in being like all might only making cash. Read up on how crocodile becomes a “hero” This is my first work so it won’t get updated frequently as it just comes in flashes of inspiration so bare with me Support me at: www.patreon.com/Smithsonian86_

Smithsonian86_ · Fantasy


This tale is about a boy that was abandoned and left to the mercy of the seas ,while he was in the sea a figure saw him and saved him ,raised him and made him a powerful figure on par with the strongest people to ever live ,join our protagonist EDWARD LINCOLN on his way to unparalleled strength and authority. first fanfic ,my English grammar isn't very good but I'll try my best . leave your suggestions in the comments . I'll try to update as fast as I can but sometimes I won't be able to post for an interval of time due to my preparation for entrance examinations some future plans I plan on introducing some characters from other stories and stuff . so y'all can anticipate some crossovers . and seeing the concept on ki ,yes I have used some inspiration from manhwas and the dragon Ball series .and I will have some crazy concepts of power and I don't want my MC to be downgraded by anyone so he will be kinda op. my grammar isn't the best and the first chapters prove it but along the way I improve so that I can convey what's on my mind . and the people who said that I do what I did to the one piece world ...it's a fanfic for a reason and try to look past the normal world building of the one-piece world and try this one a chance :) One piece belongs to eichiiro oda ,the only thing mine are the OCS I made and some extra islands I tuned to fit in the world .

godly_arrogantz305 · Martial Arts

One Piece: Akatsuki System

Pain: “Let the world feel masters pain.” Sasori: “My art is only understood by master.” Deidara: “Masters ambition is AN EXPLOSION!” Itachi: “The truths of this world are decided by master and I will turn those dreams into reality.” Kisame: “All those opposing master will become Samehada’s food and my fun.” Kakuzu: “Masters happiness the the only currency I accept.” Hidan: “Sacrifice your lives to lord Drake.” Drake: “When the akatsuki mission isn’t peace but war no pirate, marine or neutral faction can stop me.” Synopsis: A boy gets reincarnated into the world of One Piece with the akatsuki system and aims to stand at the top. P.S - I don’t own the Naruto or One piece characters but I do own my OC characters such as the main character Drake - No harem or sex will be included in the story but their might be some late romance - First story so might be bad, but I’ll try to fix mistakes.

Dash_Shadows · Fantasy

Suddenly in One Piece!!!

A fan-fiction about a girl who wish to be in One Piece and got her wish granted. She got transferred to One Piece for some reason with a system. What will she do in her favorite anime? I don't own One Piece yada yada yada... and please give me a review.

Otaku_123 · Teen

Trinity: omniverse traveling cat (hiatus)

When power far above you decide that they want to wrench the canon, by bringing you in the game, sometimes the wisest thing to do it just to tag along and just try to make this encounter end the most rapidly possible. who knows, maybe something great will come out of it? After all, what could be worst than being taken out without your consent out of your world, only to be thrown in the darkness?

Linrim · Fantasy

In One Piece with Wood Style 18+(Mostly smut)

[DEAD FANFIC] Please read the Synopsis fully before reading the story. This is my first work and english is not my first language so please forgive the spelling and grammer mistakes. I'll try to correct as much as I can. I'm writing this for fun, so don't expect some great content or regular updates. It is practically going to be a wish fullfilment story. Also this will be a very smutty fic from chapter 11. The MC will use his women however he likes. There will be rough sex, public sex (only infront of women), humiliation, watersports etc. So if you don't like these don't read, I mean it as I am tired of all the complaints about it after the clear warnings. Also reviews & comments complaining about the MCs sexual preferences and fetishes will be deleted, you have been warned from the start of the story what it will contain. Also chapter 4 to 8 mainly contain a 8 year training arc. It's going to feel repetitive. You have been warned, so don't bitch about it.

yahska · Fantasy