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One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean


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What is One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean

One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean is a popular fanfic written by the author Master4thWall, covering ONEPIECE, EVILMC, R18, ANTIHERO, REINCARNATION, ACTION, ADVENTURE, CUNNINGMC, VIOLENCE, WEAKTOOP, Anime & Comics genres. It's viewed by 2.7M readers with an average rating of 4.89/5 and 247 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 162 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


He rose from the rabbit hole, only to fall into the abyss. Death wasn't his end as Fate had planned something else for him. A new life in the familiar world of pirates and admirals. As a member of the not-so-special Winged race. Behold, as Amon uncovers the specialty of this so-called not-so-special race, with your own eyes! ** This is a One Piece Fanfic. Along with an Evil-Mc story. Mc will be reborn as a Skypiean, or to be more specific, he will be a Shandorian. Discord Link– https://discord.gg/sek3gZV2jg *[I do not own One Piece, the characters, or the contents. They are all owned by Oda Eiichiro.] ——— Support me— www.patreon.com/Master4thWall

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The synopsis was quite philosophical. So here another one. Mc died(sadly). He thought his existence had met its end, however, he again opened his eyes, finding himself in the One Piece world. Reborn as a Skypiean. Or to be specific, in the tribe of Shandia, he will try to find the secrets of the race and would grow into an Overpowered Existence. P.S: People might ask about Harem. So, the answer would be No. I'm not sure. Most likely not, since Mc's personality won't allow that. However, if we talk about his personality, he might even create a harem consisting of 10 thousand princesses from 10 Thousand kingdoms from all around the world. ONLY to gain power and authority. So that's that. For now, I don't think it will be a harem. But if it does become a harem, you won't find any romance. Well, I will be more specific and say, There would be NO romantic feeling from Mc's side. ** Btw, here have some.


A good fic by an author who knows what she is doing. Mc is a new race which is a fresh idea. Things I liked: 1. Mc is not kind-hearted and naive, mc is not a cruel psycho. 2. Mc is not dumb, is cautious. 3. Setting 4. Author has good knowledge of op and explains well. Not much to say abt writing its fine and better than most fic on this site. Characters are alright and while not super fleshed out, they don't seem like bots when they interact with mc. Overall a decent one piece fic with potential.


Author totally didn't force me....... That aside, the book which currently has 21 chapters is coming along well. One piece fics are quite common but ones with mc of different race is not. Joker started it with his mc as a fishmen and wall here started as a skypiean. Writing Quality- Now the writing quality is pretty decent by webnovel standards and other than minor errors, it is pretty good but can be improved. Word count of each chapter is decent with each being 1500+. Stability- I give this five stars as long as author follows schedule they set whatever it may be but wall even offers bonus chapters which is always welcome. Story Development- Story development as of now is slow paced. Mc doesn't grow op quickly and slowly amasses power. While there are timeskips,they are small ones. We slowly explore the world through mc and see him progress which is refreshing when many compared power fantasy fics here. Character Design- The protagonist, Amon is an interesting character. He is a manipulative guy who is power hungry but he is not the cold type. He acts only when something benefits him but also enjoys what he is doing. His interactions with other characters are done well and overall he is an intriguing character. Coming to the side characters, I feel this is where the story takes a hit. The characters appear fine when they interact with mc but appear kinda stiff when on their own. I feel characters can be fleshed out a bit more and since the story is slow paced, there is plenty of room for improvement. World Background- I wouldn't bother much about world background for fanfics but wall has good knowledge of the source and lore. He explains things well and has done a good job exploring the skypieans and the shandia tribe. Overall a pretty decent fic which has gotten off to a good start and has the potential to be better.


Honesty, this fanfic is a nice breath of fresh air, unlike other ones that just rinse and repeat what their pears have done constantly, this one brings some new interesting aspects into the question. Also, the no harm/no romance thing is welcomed, to me anyway, a lot of fanfics don't excel in this area and its one of main downfalls of good fanfics. Ignoring the good writing quality, another good thing about this fanfic is the mc's personality, most fanfics that have a 'evil/non-hero' main character are honestly quite stupid and either make their character too evil or too soft, I feel as if the writer has found a nice balance between the 2. Overall, you should definitely read this one.


I am enjoed you smut novel more than that. That's just boring. It's was very tedios to read. And I know why. You see, main character is just a tool. From start to 78+ that I read, all his doing it's making plans and trying achieve his goal. That's whould be great. But that's not enough for story. Like there is no adventures, nor romance, nor even enough evil moments. When hes talking with others characters he acts. When he is doing something he acts. Mc doesn't enjoy his life. He just making most right decisions. Honestly, even guy from warlock in the world of magus feels more alive. So as reader, i don't feel any atachment to the mc. I don't feel like I want him to win.


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Man, I always love One Piece book where the MC doesn’t follow Luffy, and create their own organization. The writing quality of this book is great, and it updates everyday. Would rate this an 11/10


i saw this on wattpad and ask if it will be post here i dind't realise it already here


Easily one of the best novels i have ever read. Great story and great characters all around. Author-san, I dont know if you have ever read or watched baki, kengan ashura. and HOTD, but there is a novel that uses all those verses and some more and it is amazing. I have lost hope for this particular author but maybe you can fill the void in my heart. I beseech you, Author-san, continue the good work and continue on making your own story and i will forever continue ti support 😁


i cant wait for the future this novel looks amazing i know the MC wont have a romantic relationship but I hope he gets with robin, if he gets 3 fruits one is going to be lightning but will it be one heart for each type of fruit ? cause if not try and get him black beards fruit as he shouldn't have it yet, if it is a fruit for each heart get lightning, whitebeards fruit, and a mythical creature (maybe lucifer, asura, or Acnologia a western dragon fruit)


Well all this time I was expecting him to have a massive timeskip and go to cannon timeline. Glad I was wrong. pretty dope shit. ....................................................................


I am amazed how your mc learn techniques like he has a teacher haha like life return which can only be learn by cp member and rokushi which only marine can learn tell me author with the long history of pirates and marines fighting have you seen a pirate use any of the rokushi none right the only thing they can do is make their own version base on the six powers like koru footwork base on shave and sanji sky walk base on moon walk and for sanji and koru to learn this technique they need years of practice like sanji he pecfect his sky walk blue for 3 years the time skip now tell me why can your mc learn it like the techinque can be learn easily


Reviewing in chapter 10. One Piece is a huge world, with hundreds of unknown races. This fic is based on one of the main ones, the Skypieans. Well, these days the One Piece fics in this site are popping up like germs, with... Not-so-good quality. For that reason, I didn't expect THAT much from this one too. However, since I was bored with nothing to do, I thought why not try this? Mc is Skypiean is that lame or cool? Damn, a high surprise was readied for me to see! Unlike the typical "Evil-Mc" being evil for the sake of it, this one is a bit different. At first, he did seem like the usual evil guy who would do anything for himself, however, at here(chapter 10) I can see some positive signs in the Mc. As a guy who's been reading a lot(and writing a few) I quite like this story. Hope the author doesn't drop it, and also to not change Mc to being a Completely Unemotional Evil Character. That's not fun.


Pretty good so far, I read a couple(only one) of chaps in advance. I can say that its a good ff and has potential. (as long as 4th doesn't Fuck it up of course). If you're coming in from one thrust(Pump) man, then don't expect the same thing. For once he's not a horny Fuck and actually wrote something readable! YAY!


A ACUTALLY good One Piece fanfic that doesent just consist of the MC being the dog of Straw Hat Pirates' and ACTUALLY uses the creative freedom One Piece gives you with its world background. 5 star


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I LOVE IT. GIVE ME MORE. YOU ARE LUCKY THAT I THE GREAT GOD OF CLICHE IS WRITING A REVIEW FOR YOU. But honestly this is one of the greatest One Piece fanfic I’ve ever read, the mc character development is great but I think it can do better than the forced one you did(but no matter well done) Mc’s power ups are gained... well the devil fruit is stolen but still... The story is paced very well and I like how the mc thinks before he acts even though sometimes he is a bit ritarded (he’s a little bit confused but he got the spirit) And the schedule is consistent so its a plus for me.


I have read more then 20 chapters. My honest opinion of this novel is that it started slow, but it also quite interesting. One of the top 10 one piece fan fictions out there. Even though mc is manipulative and cold hearted, he truly has a making of the ruler. 5 ⭐ from me, I like it a lot and hope you will complete this novel without giving up halfway, that would be a big shame. Keep up the good work author San 🧐




Reviewing in chapter 10. One Piece is a huge world, with hundreds of unknown races. This fic is based on one of the main ones, the Skypieans. Well, these days the One Piece fics in this site are popping up like germs, with... Not-so-good quality.


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