37 Mont Cricket!

Chapter 37



In the blue sea, on Jaya island, Mont Blanc Cricket was sitting below a lone tree, while looking at the sky.

Every month, around this time, the Bells ringing reaches the blue sea and Cricket waits for that sound every day. 

2 years ago, Cricket's pirate ship coincidentally arrived at Jaya, the island where Noland supposedly found the City of Gold and the island that so many of Cricket's family members failed in finding. 

Standing upon the cape where the City of Gold was supposed to be, Cricket decided to accept his fate and find out once and for all if the legendary city that Noland found existed. His crew, however, did not agree with his decision and left him alone on the island. Left all alone, Cricket decided to live in a house near the cape and began diving all alone into the waters surrounding Jaya, swimming back and forth in his search for the city of gold.

Maybe it was a godsend or maybe he just hallucinated, but during his 3rd month of constantly diving, Cricket heard the sound of a bell ringing coming from the sky. 

At that time, Cricket was sure Sky Island existed, and he was also sure that one of the knock up streams sent the City of Gold up in the sky too, essentially making itself a sky island too.

 Now, with nothing to do, he just enjoys his life here while diving deep down in the sea. This is his new romance.


"Oh, it's happening!" Cricket perked up his ears, with a smile on his face. 'Ahh, how I love this sound.'




Before leaving the sky for real, Amon paid a visit to Nola the snake, and then to the Golden Belfry and rang it like he does every month. After his leave, Wyper will be the one to do the ringing for the next 2 years.

Then without wasting any more time, Amon finally decided to leave with a large bag in his back. Though this didn't affect his wings, as the bag was placed in his back perfectly. The bag was filled with dials, and he decided to eat all the mangos already to not make the bag weigh more...


Amon flapped his wings and took off. He was going upwards now. While going up, he glanced at the barely visible moon, as his thoughts wandered. 'I always wondered if the moon also has oxygen since my ancestors lived there.' Amon thought as he was going up at the speed of 350 km/h. 'Guess I won't learn about it anytime soon…' Amon then started to slow his speed.


After a few minutes, Amon stopped and looked down. 'Will I become a fried chicken if I dive down from here?' Amon thought as he shrugged. 'Guess time to find out.'


Charging his wings, Amon lunged down!



120 km/h.


230 km/h. Amon passed the white-white sea.


370 km/h.

"Fuck! This is going out of control!"

Amon then slipped his hands in his pocket and took out some dials. He used the first one, as it was like a seat belt, and Amon wrapped the cord around his chest and clicked the button. [Special Jet Dial]


Like the 'Repulsor beam' of Ironman, compressed gas came out of the dial and his speed started to decrease. He would have already been f*cked bad if he didn't have his wings to support his flight.

"Fuuuh… Nice." Amon's speed was still increasing, however, the current one was in his control.

400 km/h. Amon passed the white sea, while the wind was morphing his face strangely...


500 km/h.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Hot!"

610 km/h. Amon could now see the blue sea, as for the first time in a while, his eyes grew wide with excitement and… nostalgia. 'It's been a whole life…' 

For the first time in his life, Amon felt a sense of familiarity, ironically, from something he never saw with his own eyes in his previous world.

Amon then clicked another dial, as a hang glider like Aang from Avatar formed from it. [Special Dial: Hang Glider]. Amon them gripped the glider skillfully and moved his hands towards a button in the glider.

After clicking the button in the glider, small wings came out of it.

*FAH!* *FAH!*

Just as the parachute opened itself, Amon also spread his wings, and along with the glider, he skillfully changed his flight direction, leaping up rather than going down in the process. 


Soon, his speed stabilized. It was still fast for a normal person, but for someone who's been falling at the speed of 600 km/h until now, it wasn't that fast.

"Maybe I should do this often… it's good training for my skin and endurance." Amon said as he then decided to go down slowly, at the speed of 100 km/h.


Minutes later, Amon could spot a black dot in the clear blue sea below him. He could guess what it was, as the Skypiea usually flies around Jaya. 'So that must be Jaya…'

Without wasting any time, Amon tried to see things down there, possibly more than 6000 meters down. He used, [Observation Haki], but it didn't work, as he could only zoom-in a little.

However, he had a more versatile form of observation for this type of situation.

[Observation Haki: Eagle Vision]


Amon's view suddenly zoomed in, as his eyes could see a clear map of Jaya from around 6000 meters up in the Sky. "..." Though the next moment, his vision returned to normal by itself. 

"Well, I will just have to train a little more. But I guess it did its job." He said as he confirmed that the island below really is Jaya.

He decided to meet Cricket, the descendant of Noland. It's just a thing anyone in his position would have done. 


|–Cricket's Pov–|

It's been a few hours since the bell last rang, I was now stretching my body to prepare for the next dive. Unlike how I used to dive all day during the first three months, these days I only do it for fun, so I take care of my health too. After all, I have nothing to prove myself since I already know about the City of Gold existing in the sky… 

Maybe I should soon find a new adventure… Should I visit the sky once? Hmm, that's a thing to think abo-Huh?! WHAT'S THAT?!

Is that a bird in the sky?!

Suddenly, I notice something like a humanoid figure flying close to this place… a devil fruit user? A frown appears on my face, as I prepare my mind for a possible battle. Though based on grandline standards, I'm not that strong, but I still have a 25 million Belly bounty on my head. Also, as a guy who values self-respect, I don't really back away from a battle.

I can see that creature coming towards me, as I notice it's actually not much different from a normal human. Around the size of a teenager, dark black hair, red eyes, an-huh?

The next moment, at an astonishing speed, the enemy(?) arrived a few hundred meters in front of me, as his figure entered my eyes. It was hard to pinpoint his face, as the sun was just behind his head...


My previous mindset was completely crushed and destroyed into pieces as strength left my arms… an Angel? 

"Hello, blue sea citizen, nice to meet you."

Unexpectedly and surprisingly, the seemingly angelique short-haired female in front of me bowed slightly towards me.


|–General Pov–|

"Hahaha! So you really are a boy!" Cricket laughed out loud, as he had his arms around the angel, Amon's shoulders while he had a wooden glass of sake in his hand. "First you say you live in the sky, and now you are saying a person with your physique is a boy? Hahaha, the world is a strange place."

It's been a few minutes since Amon introduced himself to Cricket as he has been pretty friendly with him. 

"Anyway, if you really are from the Sky island, do you happen to know anything about a city made of gold?" Cricket asked as he took a mouthful of sake. "Gah! Don't worry, I'm not testing you or anything, I'm genuinely asking a question! Hahaha!"

Amon also put his hands around his shoulders, and they both started to chat as if they've been friends for decades. "Yes, it's actually the place where I live! Hahaha, I'm a Shandian you see, a proud direct descendant of Kalgara!"

Cricket's face froze as he almost dropped his glass down… "You… are you serious?"

"Hm? Yes, do you happen to know about anything?" Amon looked at him with curiosity.

"Err…" Cricket removed his hands from his shoulders. "Do you happen to know anything about Noland? I heard he befriended your ancestor Kalgara…" 

Amon blinked and smiled. "Obviously, Mont Noland is like a legend to us, the Shandians!… We respect him the same as Kalgara." Amon said as he took a sip of sake, as he almost puked. "Bff!"

"R-Really?" Cricket asked in disbelief, his eyes wide and a little wet.

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"Yes, why would I lie? Mont Noland is a respectable guest of Shandians, his descendants are also the same."

While Cricket wiped his tears, Amon looked at him with fake confusion. 

As tears mixed with snort fell from his cheeks, he looked up at the sky, as he imagined the face of Noland in the cloud. "Ohhh… Noland you bastard, you weren't lying in the end." Cricket smiled brightly as his snort and tears fell on the ground. "Those bastards killed you, those stupid bastards called you a liar! Hahaha!" He cried and laughed at the same time, as Amon smiled onwards from the sidelines.

After that, Cricket explained things to him, explaining how he was a distant descendant of Noland, and how Noland is now known as a liar who was beheaded for his lies.

A few droplets of tears were also formed around Amon's eyes as he heard all this. He massaged his eyes with his fingers. "I can't believe the great Noland met such a tragic end… in a sense, we are the reason for his death," Amon said as Cricked patted his back.

"Don't worry, young man. I'm sure he is happy seeing our reunion from the heavens…" Cricket said, as he also wiped his eyes. 

He was truly happy for what happened today… he felt as if his life had just found a new meaning. He wanted to scream, scream to the ones who called him and his ancestor a liar, "Look! Look! Noland wasn't lying! Look at this teenager with wings, he is from the City of Gold!" He wanted to scream it loud and tell the whole world that Noland was no liar, and he also isn't one!


After that, Cricket treated Amon better than before, while they both hunted some animal to eat. While eating, Cricket finally asked the thing that picked his curiosity. 

"So, Amon why did you come to the blue sea anyway? I never saw any Skypieans in here before you…" Cricket asked as he was pouring his mouth with beef meat, while Amon was also doing the same. 

"Well, *gulp*. The priority was to find the descendent of Mont Noland, and then to learn about the world in the blue seas!" Amon said while filling his mouth. "I guess the first one is complete already, so I will now leave for an adventure."

Amon was loving the food, as it was free, so he ate everything he could. 

"Hmm, I see. Then what do you want to do now?" As he asked, Amon looked at him confused. "Well, you see here in the blues, it's not a good match for you to be a merchant or adventurer. You should choose between being a pirate, marine, or bounty hunter."

"Oh, you probably don't know much about them, let me explain-"

"It's okay." Amon cut him. "I already decided before, I will be a bounty hunter. I plan to visit, "Whiskey Peak", the paradise of bounty hunters.


'Yawn, this is getting boring.' Amon thought. 'I hope he has an eternal pose of Whiskey Peak, or at least ways to get one. If not, this visit would be useless.'




Author Note: 

Many of you didn't realize why Amon didn't take the Goro Goro any mi before coming. 

It's simple, Amon wasn't confident enough to fight against 3000 Warriors. Where 2500 of the people are proficient at Observation.  Yes, he is strong, but he didn't want to take any chances. He almost died last time out of over confidence, and he will make another mistake like that? No. Never. 

According to canon, Enel would get the fruit when Amon turns 16… He is only 12 now(yes). Still 4 years left. Yes, the butterfly effect might have changed things, but Amon knows EVERYTHING about Birka as of now. Obviously, even when he was training last year, he did order his people to do things for him… He is MORE than confident Enough that nothing will happen, and with the fact of Devil fruit reincarnation, his worry lessens.


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