The Elusive Book Keeper Book

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The Elusive Book Keeper


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Zane Black, the illegitimate child of an elite family received a diary from his future self. The diary not only detailed his fall into obsession and obscurity, but it also contained a set of requests and regrets. Incidentally, he begins his life as a member of the Gnosis society, the Universe's largest intelligence gathering organisation, gaining an edge that he never had before. But an edge is not the only thing that he would gain, family, friendships and dare he say it... Love. The problem in his otherwise wonderful life ... Keeping his huge secret from his protagonist brother who seemed to have huge secrets of his own and more importantly, his lover whose genius was emphasized in the diary nine times. Zane must learn to be smart, discreet and elusive. After all, the worst fate of a spy is to be caught. Two sticky people, one secret to keep. Dedication: For those who have been waiting for an action/mystery bl with a heavy side of wholesomeness and romance, this one is for you. #Cover to be taken down at owner's request!


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