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Ahem.....don't worry author I lowkey support you and the novel and you are doing a great job cuz I've been tired of reading the same thing again and again so this sort of change is nice (I dunno if I'm a sicko or not) but please don't add romance in the novel cuz that will destroy it. Have a good day


Seen a lot of 1-star reviews for this fic, simple bashing, people questioning authors mental state, and utter pusses that can't handle it, I read it all the way through and all I can really say is good job. The beginning was rocky, grammar wasn't very good but those things improve over time, At first, mc doesn't really have a goal and kinda just goes zoom zoom kill eat, But now he has an actual goal, to gain Immortality xD, Which shouldn't be too hard in the Dc universe, I recommend ignoring the current idiots and maybe put a notice in chapter one so people know, otherwise thanks for the fic, I'm looking forward to more


Writing is good, it's atleast readable. Story development is just null, he's a psycho not the fascinating or enigmatic or world view challenging ones just a sick, disgusting worm so I couldn't be bothered to follow said development. Character design well like I said before he's a sick, disgusting worm best comparison would be Shaou Tucker from FMA × 100 cause he doesn't even have a flimsy excuse to try and justify his actions. The character seriously feels like a way for the author to enjoy and indulge in such acts of rape, cannibalism, etc. It's not that I hate evil protagonists or something like that but this is just plain repulsive and filthy. Updating stability is fine World building is almost non existent


There is a lot of grammer that needs working on, the concept is original enough but I'm not able to divine the plot or moral to the story. Its a psychopath's tale about cannibalism, murder, rape and everything else where in said psychopath becomes superpowered... Tbh, just being able to write something like this, to enjoy spending time and effort on writing something like this, just like the creators of Saw, should see a person on a permanent watch list, for you cannot write something like this without truly fantasising about doing such acts, and the only think standing in between this person and turning this story a reality are the consequences they would suffer from enacting them. I have no doubt that the author will perform some of the very acts he has written here if given the chance someday because to write this sort of fic you need to be seriously sick in the head to even consider it, let alone do it. I recommend to the author to find a legal way to channel your urges or to seek professional help


lazy writing, non likeable mc ... even rapist and murderer are likeable mc such as Dextor , yun che (against the god) so reason mc is unlikable is because of lazy writing ...


Honestly pretty good think the book is going in a nice direction. Also before anyone reads the book is dark and talks about r.a.p.e. and torture so be warned over that. The main character is nice and dark with out a moral which is nice for once because I am a fan of dark mc's. The book seems to be going in a nice direction with the main character gutting stronger at a good rate so he should be able to fight with some people later not superman level yet but at a good level. Also pls anyone that hates the book because its dark don't give a low rating or hate the other because some like this genre and want to see it continue. But in the end I would rate it 4/5 stars good story buy writing is less to be desired.


The story may not be for everyone. Many reviews I read was about the Author and how he can even write about cannibalism, rape and co. But why shouldn't he? He can do whatever he likes. He should stop what he likes only because you don't like it is a dumb reason. As long, he doesn't represent the things in the story in real live everything's good. Take Tokyo Ghoul, Hellsing Ultimate and Hannibal as example, they all have cannibalism and Hellsing even had rape, but they are still very good shows. You can even take Stephen King as example (even if I dind´t read a book from him) you can be normal and still make a interesting horror story. So here’s what I think this Fan fiction is. It is a Story where you don't really have to think, maybe who he eats next or what kind of story development the Story may will have. It's an enjoyable non-brain full gore Story and I like it. So readers, that don't like gore, blood, cannibalism, rape and just the whole stuff this Story is nothing for you. Also, because of all the non-reasonable reviews and because this story deserves a little better do I give this a 5/5 review. (To make the total score a little higher.) My last words in this review are, even if you don't like the way it is don't rush things and make a bad decision that may have some negative impact, try to see more than only one perspective. Even if you still don't like it and make a good reasonable review. So all of you, have a great day. See you maybe in the comments section.


I think this book is very confusing I think that this book is basically just a dude killing raping stealing doing whatever he wants to Without having any reason behind it now what I mean by that is even with his father leaving him or his father betraying him and his mother leaving him in disowning him he really had no other reason besides the fact of those two and that the fact that his father was in prison but otherwise He did not have a catalyst to turn into the so-called “” rule breaker In all it seems like is that he just likes to do these horrendous things without even having some reason to do it it’s not like somebody did to him or something it’s just like all the sudden since his dad wasn’t there and then his mom Didt really like him He turned into a raving murdering stealing psychopath for no reason which is not a good thing I would understand if like somebody did those things to him like multiple times over and then he wanted to do it on you know the rest of the humans and stuff like that but otherwise there’s no other reason for them to do that so it’s very annoying and confusing to read the story because there’s nothing for him there was no reason for him to do this


I am the bone of my sword Review is my body and rating is my blood I have created over thousand of reviews Unknown to valid reviews Nor known to reasonable rating Have withstood the pain of writing many reviews Yet this brain shall never make any valid reviews So, as I pray, ULTIMATE REVIEW WORKS!!!


the idea of the novel is a good author, all that remains is to develop the MC more, make him think with his head and it doesn’t come out like crazy without aim, and make him develop his power and he has to discover a goal or something he wants do in addition to assembling a team that village alone does not work


seems promising, I just hope author keeps a long update schedule going l, too many stories get dropped that have good potential.............


Psycho Mc Psycho Author If you wanna read it you're a psycho too Don't recommend.................................................... .....


author-san i have some words for you [img=recommander] ................................................................................................................... GET SOME HELP !!!!!


The grammar when I first found this fic was terrible to say the least. But I love evil mc's and I've never seen a story with an evil speedster yet. So I trudged through and this is probably my favorite fic on WB right now. Check it out!☀️


Well one thing i gotta say is;”THIS IS MY FAVORITE NOVEL ON HERE!!!!” I’ve been here from the beginning and I just love this. It has almost all of my favorite genre for a evil mc and i just love it, it’s a masterpiece!!!!! Though before you read this please read the ‘disclaimer’. NO THE AUTHOR IS PERFECTLY FINE IN THE HEAD, THIS IS FICTION!!!!


truly gotta be concerned with the mindset of the author. this isn't about being different or original, its about enabling a borderline mentally disturbed individual from committing any actions contained in this story and believing they are acceptable. I know there are a bunch of creeps who find some release from this filth but the story has no true plot or reason. nothing to praise other than being "unique" which doesn't justify anything.


Will i like that you are writing and adding original Ideas and ways so iT doesnt get boring but i hate the main character He is just Crazy Not smart or cold logic but just Crazy He has no purpose For his goals or Even a poper plan he is Just having fun and Winging it


It was an interesting story to some extent, and then it became boring, for me. I'm not saying it's bad but it became monotonous... The only thing I loved was the personality of the MC And its evolution.


i have only one question, where did you get the cover photo author? ..........................................................................


1. The MC has no real motivation 2. I hope you understand the scale of power that exists among sprinters The fastest flash in the entire multiverse can degrade everyone in a city in 0.00001 seconds 3. That you explore the DC muntiverse now that all speeds can age between different realities 4.you have to give him more abilities that relate to each other 5.power scale the mc currently couldn't take on flash or most justice league minus superman