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I think this book is very confusing I think that this book is basically just a dude killing raping stealing doing whatever he wants to Without having any reason behind it now what I mean by that is even with his father leaving him or his father betraying him and his mother leaving him in disowning him he really had no other reason besides the fact of those two and that the fact that his father was in prison but otherwise He did not have a catalyst to turn into the so-called “” rule breaker In all it seems like is that he just likes to do these horrendous things without even having some reason to do it it’s not like somebody did to him or something it’s just like all the sudden since his dad wasn’t there and then his mom Didt really like him He turned into a raving murdering stealing psychopath for no reason which is not a good thing I would understand if like somebody did those things to him like multiple times over and then he wanted to do it on you know the rest of the humans and stuff like that but otherwise there’s no other reason for them to do that so it’s very annoying and confusing to read the story because there’s nothing for him there was no reason for him to do this


Path to Eternity


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