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The story may not be for everyone. Many reviews I read was about the Author and how he can even write about cannibalism, rape and co. But why shouldn't he? He can do whatever he likes. He should stop what he likes only because you don't like it is a dumb reason. As long, he doesn't represent the things in the story in real live everything's good. Take Tokyo Ghoul, Hellsing Ultimate and Hannibal as example, they all have cannibalism and Hellsing even had rape, but they are still very good shows. You can even take Stephen King as example (even if I dind´t read a book from him) you can be normal and still make a interesting horror story. So here’s what I think this Fan fiction is. It is a Story where you don't really have to think, maybe who he eats next or what kind of story development the Story may will have. It's an enjoyable non-brain full gore Story and I like it. So readers, that don't like gore, blood, cannibalism, rape and just the whole stuff this Story is nothing for you. Also, because of all the non-reasonable reviews and because this story deserves a little better do I give this a 5/5 review. (To make the total score a little higher.) My last words in this review are, even if you don't like the way it is don't rush things and make a bad decision that may have some negative impact, try to see more than only one perspective. Even if you still don't like it and make a good reasonable review. So all of you, have a great day. See you maybe in the comments section.


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Have read a few reViews and i was on the eDge of not reading but after seeing your review ill give it a try and if i dont like well at least i gave it a trY 👍🏻