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truly gotta be concerned with the mindset of the author. this isn't about being different or original, its about enabling a borderline mentally disturbed individual from committing any actions contained in this story and believing they are acceptable. I know there are a bunch of creeps who find some release from this filth but the story has no true plot or reason. nothing to praise other than being "unique" which doesn't justify anything.


Path to Eternity


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Did you keep reading before making this retard? At the beginning, yes the mc is an idiot who got thrashed by a mob and does whatever he feels like but the authors had C H A R A C T E R D E V E L O P M E N T. I won’t spoil how but he gets smarter suppresses his urges and gains a goal, the LITERAL TITLE OF THE THE BOOK IS DC: PATH TO IMMORTALITY. R E T A R D.