I Lied To Become Village Chief Book

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I Lied To Become Village Chief


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In my previous life, I was imprisoned for breaking the rules but those are the rules that confined me from taking my revenge. When I was inside the prison, I got a chance to go back in time, reincarnate during my birth with nothing but memories and an orb. The family that I loved, the people that I missed were all alive. And, this time, I could change the future. But, in the past, an old geezer told me that changing the future will bring catastrophe in my life. And, alone, I can never face it. So, I decided. This time I won't be alone. This time I won't grow alone. This time I will make my villager strong, so strong that whatever the catastrophe might be, we can face it head-on. But then, I realized something is wrong here. Just because I want to develop my village doesn't mean others will give me a chance to do so. There are evil and greedy people in this world who has their eyes on us. But, even so, it isn't enough to make me give up. I will develop my village even if I have to lie to the entire world or my own village, or my parents. I will ascend and become a Village Chief with a lie. I will protect my village with a lie. I will develop my village with a lie. But how long can a lie truly last? People say, kingdom needs to be built on trust but I am building it on lies. If liar is whom I need to become, then I shall gladly lie the entire world. This is a tale of a liar since I Lied to Become Village Chief. :::::::::::::::: If you like the story, please vote golden tickets and send me some super gifts. For each super gift, I will drop a bonus chapter. Thank you for reading!