The To-Do List Book

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The To-Do List


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Who said that the death of a person is akin to the extinguishing of a lamp; that all previous karmic ties would be severed. Raizel, the pinnacle cultivator of Terra made an oath to his dying junior martial brother to complete his To-do list. What was the big deal? It is definitely not as difficult as fighting the Devil King. That is till he saw the list. Plant a fire lotus flower in the Shuya Ice peak, Skinny dip in the Neva river, Save a beautiful poisoned female cultivator in the forest, win the most loved teacher in the school. How could he have forgotten the psycho that is his junior martial brother, Lucas? His journey to complete the To-do list takes him to various places and throws him into unique situations. He meets different characters and he discovers a hidden love so deep that it is almost painful. "I knew from the moment that I set my eyes on you that you were mine. Even if I have to fight Heavens to get you, even if I am sentenced to the 66 Hells; I would never regret loving you." This book is a slow burn romance. Would it be worth it in the end? Yes, I promise there would be enough smexy scenes for a massive nosebleed. Hope you enjoy!! #Book cover not mine.


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