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What is (BL) My Evil Werewolf System

Read (BL) My Evil Werewolf System novel written by the author Pinkyprincess on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering r18, system, cultivation, transmigration, werewolf. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


(Warning! BL mature content ahead!) Yu Weimin was a seasoned criminal. Attacking bureaucrats and making trouble for the Empire were part of his everyday schedule. It’s just that he never thought the Marshal he hated the most for several decades would suddenly use such a cheap trick to capture him. Even more absurd was that instead of being sentenced to death, his final judgment was changed. As soon as he opened his eyes, he heard a high-pitched female voice in his head. [Ding.] [System Booting up] [Welcome to the Evil Werewolf System! I’m your system, 520!] Then, Yu Weimin was forced to jump from one world to another to save the villains. Wait, why do they seem like a certain Marshal he hates the most? Before he could confirm his suspicions, the villains started becoming stickier and stickier. Yu Weimin, “Honestly, did he capture me just to push me against the wall?” System 520: [.....Maybe?] Cold, heartless, and a criminal Shou X Smooth talker, egoistic, and vengeful Gong ***** Sneak peek~ Yu Weimin ignored his system and bent down to grab a certain little wolf by the neck. He stared at those red eyes filled with anger and slapped the wolf’s butt, making the latter shriek. A certain villain in his little wolf form bared his teeth. [Ding.] [Hatred value increased!] [Hatred value increased!] [Hatred value increased!] [Ho-Host…. Can you stop this?!! I’m gonna get a data error!!!!] Yu Weimin finally stopped torturing a certain villain and glared at the small pup in his arms. “If you dare to run away again, it won’t just be your butt that will face the consequences.” ***** Arc 1: ABO World! (Omegaverse) Arc 2: Mafia Werewolf Romance (Two werewolf MLs, one mate) Arc 3: Ancient Chinese fantasy! (Crown Prince/King MC X His werewolf Shadow Guard ML) Arc 4: Vampire MC X Hybrid ML Arc 5: Elf Zombie King X Super Alpha of the werewolf clan Arc 6: A Ghost Wizard X A Cursed Werewolf Arc 7: An Insane Doctor X A Werewolf Patient (Mental asylum) Arc 8: Chameleon subbeast Shou X Actor Beast Gong Arc 9: Master Wolf X Disciple Fox (Cultivation world) Arc 10: Magician Student X magician little wolf Arc 11: The wolf crown prince X an already extinct human specie ***** Sequel update: "Unlimited chances to catch my wife" is the sequel to this novel! ***** Update schedule: 2 chaps a day Five chapters mass update when we reach— 1. 50 GTs! (I'll give a mass update of 5 chapters in a day with every 50 GTs! This offer might change in the future. So you guys still have a chance to get mass updates!) ***** PS: Officially commissioned art. I thank the artist Lia for creating such a wonderful art! Reach out to her @lia.audelia on Instagram! PPS: Ahem, this novel doesn't contain any child abuse. The little wolf isn't little, so.... PPPPPSS: This note is for the privilege readers! There's a special channel for you guys. If you have purchased VIP, you can get to read R-18 scenes there on your demand! So go ahead and join my discord server! I might even give more benefits in the future, especially character arts, based on how much money I earn. Check out the discord link below. https://linktr.ee/pinkyprincess765

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Volume 1 :Here Comes A Charming Omega!
Volume 2 :I Have Two Mates!
Volume 3 :A Cold-hearted Shadow Guard
Volume 4 :Vampire and Werewolf Dairies
Volume 5 :The Zombie King Is An Elf!
Volume 6 :My Cursed Wolf
Volume 7 :An Insane Asylum
Volume 8 :A Chameleon's Lifelong Struggle
Volume 9 :A Fox And A Wolf
Volume 10 :Story Of The Triplets
Volume 11 :The Wolf King
Volume 12 :The Final World


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Cold and heartless shou is just my favorite type of guy! He looks like he will def become a power bottom in the future 🤭😳 The prologue started with a bang and the characterization is very well thought-out, making it easy for readers to sympathize with our poor Yu Weimin. Another plus point, this is a QT, enemies-to-lovers and also, it looks like they have an unknown past yet unfolded! I can't wait to see how the story will d


What you'll get to read in my story: 1. Lots of fluff. 2. Lots of angst. 3. A good plot/plots 4. Awesome and interesting worlds (I'm gonna be innovative with the werewolf worlds. So yeah.) 5. Flirty and playful Top who can make your heart melt just by speaking. 6. A tsunadere bottom who thinks he's the best and he can do everything. 7. And.... this novel's everything you wanted to read, because it is everything I wanted to read. I'm my first reader. Hey, that was an awesome quote! Anyway, go ahead and try reading my book! I'm awaiting your reviews, gifts, GTs, PS, and all your love!


Wow, the cover is so awesome! I'm really glad I didn't miss out on this masterpiece! I liked Yu Weimin's character. He's so awesome! Keep up the good work, author.


Why isn't everyone on Webnovel reading this? A werewolf system transmigration novel? I love villain saving plot so much! Good job author I love this


[Hatred Value increase : 10,000] [Hatred Value increase : 20,000] [Hatred Value increase : 30,000] [Hatred Value increase : 40,000] Alright now, you have 100k Hatred Points. Its time spam update for 10 chapters in a flash. Beautifully, amazingly written piece of work. Completely qualified to be one of the best new novels in Webnovel. Please keep up the good work!


So well written and keep things interesting. Once you have started it's hard to stop reading.


I love it thx...........................


i really love this . is There any of your novel, your work is amazing .


this is awesome and I love it. I found these types of stories and then I found this masterpiece


Beware you will be addicted 😫 I really want to keep reading, its a page turner and honestly I hate stopping to read it


Hey there!!!~ Keep up the good work dear author.... I'm L O V I N' I T. Keep writing ❤️ The chapters seem so coly attractive 💗[img=recommend]


Yu weimin has my heart ❤️ he has the looks and attitude that make you swoon! Honestly, the prologue will have you sold on the book. It had me hooked before I swiped to chapter 1. The chemistry between the ML and the MC is palpable. I won’t spoil it too much, but you’ll be rooting for the villain’s downfall as soon as he is introduced. Don’t overthink it. Just start reading this book. The writing style is fantastic, as is the story. Great work by the author once again!


😮 The author's writing is even better than before. The fine-tuning and the storytelling, I am in love💃💃💕💕 Back to the novel, quick transportation, interesting Mc with a lot of secrets and an enemies to lovers trope, definitely worth reading. The characters and worlds are interesting and once you start reading, you can't stop. Say bye to all your FP but it is worth it. Good book, author-san


This novel I just found it out now and it' beyond exciting 🔥🔥 I love the world building which the author has really placed it vividly together. The characters are also very entertaining and real like, Kudos author 🎉


the writer is improving after each novel she writes , loved the writing style , the story also is captivating , i wonder what he is going to do after he got this evil system , i bet tgat he will be the most severe werewolf in his entire universe, also i think it will be very hard for him to fall in love but that also is relative . i guess we will have to wait read and see


I nearly missed out on this masterpiece! Yu Weimin is such a cold, arrogant shou, the kind I like! this novel's giving me MDZS and 2HA vibes! I hope it grows big!


Character development: 5 stars Story development 5 stars (for now) Updates: 5 stars. In all, this novel is the best I've read out there!!! Author, please continue posting more and more!!!


QTTTT!!! I have been following the author's work for quite a while, being a silent reader, and I don't regret buying the author's first novel! The second one is even better! I'm looking forward to the journey between Yu Weimin and the marshal!


5 stars, coz why not? The story is interesting, making you to read more chapters. I like the flow of the story and the way the author wrote it. Looking forward for more. Good job!


Yooooooo Yu weimin, me likey you😳 This is really good, the story, the characters descriptions, everything is just top-notch!! Another plus point its a QT, directly into my library! I need more chapters too, Author-nim!! Good job for making this masterpiece, love you❤️


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