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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Gods and demons are everywhere in the Grand Desolate World. Jiang Lan finally becomes a disciple of Kunlun Mountain; specifically—the only disciple of the Ninth Summit. Knowing the dangers outside, he decides to stay hidden in the Ninth Summit’s Netherworld Cave and cultivate in seclusion. With a unique sign-in system unknown to everyone else, Jiang Lan acquires several divine powers, Dharma treasures, and other aids to enhance his cultivation along the way. His current goal is to keep his actual cultivation level a secret, remain a low-key Kunlun disciple and stay out of harm’s way until he is strong enough to take on any obstacles. Only when he emerges from his cultivation after some time does his Master bring him an important message: Kunlun has found him a fiancée.

Red Pepper Afraid Of Spicy · Eastern
564 Chs

Maiden Of The Splitting Moon

~CHECK REVIEWS: NO ROMANCE FL~ Born from tragedy, she wields a blade of death, shining under the moonlight. Each swing takes hundreds of lives, each step leaves a trail of corpses, every move capable of dividing the stars. Her journey is not for the faint of heart as it is a solitary path drenched in blood. But only on this road will she will heal from the scars of the past. ~Schedule: Mon (1 Ch), Wed (1 Ch), Fri (1 Ch) 3 Ch. per week at 12 PM EST~ ~Cover by @PluviumG~ Made a Twitter for announcements: @ArgasWn I stream my writing on Twitch too: Argasbooba

ARGAS · Fantasy
867 Chs

Fantasy: I Can Instantly Comprehend Everything

Zhou Yun transmigrated to a fantasy world and was bound to the God Tier Epiphany System. He could enter into a state of meditation and achieve epiphanies that others desired regardless of what he did. Other cultivators immersed themselves fully in hardcore training in order to achieve some improvements in their swordsmanship. On the other hand, Zhou Yun achieved enlightenment in swordsmanship by merely picking up a sword and playing with it a little. His swordsmanship attained perfection in an instant. Other cultivators trained hard in order to break through to the next plane. Zhou Yun merely swept a glance at the fallen leaves in the courtyard. Then, he had an epiphany and broke through to the next plane on the spot. He had insights into everything in the world, and his rate of plane progression skyrocketed. When other cultivators finally became powerful existences after going through various hardships, Zhou Yun had already become the supreme existence through having countless epiphanies.

Vermeil · Eastern
203 Chs

The Cheat Seed

Embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Marcus G Orno in the gripping novel, "The Cheat Seed." This captivating tale unveils the remarkable transformation of a seemingly ordinary boy into an unstoppable force, defying the limitations of his past and forging an unprecedented destiny. Marcus, once the target of bullies and living a mundane existence, yearned for greatness. His dreams shattered when his best friend, Dave, awakened an incredible power while Marcus remained powerless. Despair engulfed him, pushing him to the edge of despair. But just as he prepared to end it all, a bolt of lightning intervened, whisking him away to a mysterious dungeon teeming with untold secrets. Within the depths of this extraordinary dungeon, Marcus discovers that he has been chosen for an extraordinary purpose. Facing unprecedented challenges and wielding a power born from the enigmatic Cheat Seed, Marcus embarks on a treacherous quest. Pushing beyond his former limitations, he ascends to heights of strength and ferocity previously unimaginable. "The Cheat Seed" follows Marcus's thrilling odyssey, as he rises from a meek underdog to a force to be reckoned with. With allies and adversaries alike taking notice, he becomes a monster among men, commanding the attention and respect of an entire army. But this journey is more than a mere rise to power. It is a profound exploration of friendship, secrets, and the relentless pursuit of purpose. As Marcus unravels the mysteries that lie in his path, he discovers that every twist and turn has a purpose, leading him closer to an extraordinary destiny. Join Marcus in this exhilarating narrative, where action, intrigue, and self-discovery intertwine. ...... Connect with me on Instagram: @sidddwrites Feel free to JOIN OUR DISCORD community: Your support is genuinely appreciated. If you wish to contribute financially, here's the PayPal link: Thank you.

Sinadin · Fantasy
143 Chs

Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities

"Lin Yi transmigrated into the world of Xianxia and found himself bound with a Supreme Downloading System. For a man who could not be more ordinary, he began his trip to the pinnacle of life. While everyone else worked hard to cultivate, all he needed was to press a button to download it! Be it superior cultivating manuals, superior physiques, spiritual treasures, or elixirs, all Lin Yi needed to do was press download and they would be his. Lin Yi was exasperated. It was not like he did not want to work hard, but the system itself was just too great!"

Annual Ruthlessness · Eastern
522 Chs

The To-Do List

Who said that the death of a person is akin to the extinguishing of a lamp; that all previous karmic ties would be severed. Raizel, the pinnacle cultivator of Terra made an oath to his dying junior martial brother to complete his To-do list. What was the big deal? It is definitely not as difficult as fighting the Devil King. That is till he saw the list. Plant a fire lotus flower in the Shuya Ice peak, Skinny dip in the Neva river, Save a beautiful poisoned female cultivator in the forest, win the most loved teacher in the school. How could he have forgotten the psycho that is his junior martial brother, Lucas? His journey to complete the To-do list takes him to various places and throws him into unique situations. He meets different characters and he discovers a hidden love so deep that it is almost painful. "I knew from the moment that I set my eyes on you that you were mine. Even if I have to fight Heavens to get you, even if I am sentenced to the 66 Hells; I would never regret loving you." This book is a slow burn romance. Would it be worth it in the end? Yes, I promise there would be enough smexy scenes for a massive nosebleed. Hope you enjoy!! #Book cover not mine.

Dark_Scholars · LGBT+
180 Chs

Mister Night

[Warning Mature Content] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Atalia Carter a foreigner in the country of South Korea studying law at the University of Korea carries the burden of her family's hopes and dreams. For the past 4 years she has been indebted to her studies. Her best friend Harin a cute but sassy girl Korean girl always tries to get her to go out. Her attempts usually fail until one night Atalia said yes. Harin warned her about Shiwoo but her warning fell on deaf ears as Atalia laid eyes on him. She fell for him despite her efforts not to and she ending up sleeping with him after a drunk night out. To her disappointment Shiwoo was upset that he was her first and didn't want the responsibility for he had only set out with the intention just to play with her sweet chocolate body. Or so she thought....... She got pregnant with twins after that one night but never told him due to her petty ways and fair of being rejected. She graduated and lost contact with Harin for the relationship had become strain due to her history with the said play boy Shiwoo. 3 years later Atalia had found her self to be the CEO and self made millionaire of the infamoust Law firm that was popularly known for its ruthless lawyer. She had found herself with the biggest case of her life to represent the son of a billionaire CEOs son court but what she and the world doesn't know is that Kim's incorporated is just a show to distract the world as to what really happens behind the closed doors of the Kim house. Things are never as easy as they seem. The client turns out to be her Shiwoo of the past but also not her Shiwoo of the past. He was the same yet different. He was dangerous and deep in the Illegal trade, gun violence and the Mafia? Was Shiwoo's sudden appearance all a plan or was it just fate? Can they both handle things as adults without opening new wounds? Will she tell him of his kids and will old flames reignite? Will being together put not only Atalia's but her kids' lives in danger? Will all of this be too much for poor Atalia to handle? Will the kids accept their father with open arms and will Atalia finally get the happy ending which she had always dreamed of and deserves? ==================================== Find out in the chapters of Mister Night. The truth and mystery will be unraveled with every turn of the page *NB* Part 1- College senior Part 2- Single mother Part 3- All together All work of fiction. Any real life events and people resemblance are all of pure coincidence. Leave comments and give feedback if you like. You can also follow me on ig. Ig and discord are both on my profile. Thank you for giving my story a chance and happy reading. •||☆1st book of this series☆||•

Ceandra_Jackson · Fantasy
200 Chs

Military System god realm revolution

The Maxim machine gun shoots through magical beasts. Intercontinental ballistic missiles fired at Martial Artists. Fighter planes rise above the gods realm. If you can't fight it, throw an atomic bomb for world peace.

sukinovski · Fantasy
401 Chs