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My name is Allen Walker. I lived a quiet and uneventful life until I got into trouble with the school's ultimate bully, Flash Thomson. It was worth it because I was able to protect my friend Gwen and help out a poor guy named Peter Parker. That's right... my life was turned upside down with my school problems. I somehow ended up tangled with bullies like Flash and his rich friend Harry Osborn, and the three beauties of the school, Gwen Stacy, Felicia Hardy, and Mary Jane. I understood why Gwen was there, as she's my friend, but I couldn't understand why the other two girls were interested in me. My destiny should have been getting beaten up by the school bullies, but luckily, I received unexpected help from a miraculous entity called the "The Absolute Content Creator System". This system mainly operates based on viewers and the popularity I gain by providing great content in my world. But somehow, I'm now live-streaming in the middle of the Superman vs. Doomsday fight... yes, it sounds very dangerous and stupid. No one told me I'd be going to the DC world to livestream?! Darkseid is going to kill me!! My aunt Natasha would scream at me for the stupidity I was committing, and she would be right, I mean, I'm streaming it to my world! But I have to be here, even if it's stupid and dangerous. The reason? I have a huge debt of one million dollars because I accidentally ordered a hundred fantasy waifu sex dolls... which have come to life for some reason. Yeah, things are getting complicated!! It sounds insane, but it's real. The first doll was Wednesday Addams, who tried to stab me, and the second was 2B from Nier: Automata, who treated me like her master... I won't complain about that. A bit confusing? Let's recap: - I live in a world that the system calls Marvel... I'm not sure if I should be worried. - I was a normal teenager making YouTube videos and streams, not very popular... – I got involved with the school beauties and that earned me the hatred of the bullies... ¿why? - I was chosen by a system related to content creation. - During a stream, my chat played a prank on me, and I ended up accidentally ordering a hundred very expensive sex dolls that left me in a one-million-dollar debt. - These dolls are coming to life for some reason. - To pay off that debt, I have to use the system that sends me to DC and broadcast craziness like Batman being captured by the Joker or some villain fighting the Justice League. It's not all bad. With a system like in the manga, I become stronger the more popular I get. I gain powers that only appear in comics and anime, and many other things. But, as I said, my world is not normal, and I'll end up getting involved in dangerous things. I knew that when a one-eyed man appeared at my door and said, "Do you know about the Avengers Initiative?"... I think I should definitely be worried about that. While things are bad with all that, my chat is full of trolls and assholes. To make matters worse, my congenital bad luck leads me into stupid and dangerous situations all the time. For example: entering Harley Quinn's room and having relations with her while the Joker is nearby or kicking Darkseid in the balls... Maybe I'll get killed soon, but if not, I'll continue live-streaming the best content on social media... I just hope the system doesn't stream to strange places. If you want to read chapters in advance, be able to see the images that webnovel does not want and support me here I leave you my patreon. Patreon.com/Mr_Aizen A/N: Hello, I hope you like this story and support it. English is not my native language, so I hope you don't mind the grammatical errors.


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