I Became An Immortal On Mortal Realm

Author: Let me laugh
Eastern Fantasy
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What is I Became An Immortal On Mortal Realm

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Reincarnated as the son of the Duke in the Qi Dynasty, Fang Wang's mind housed a Heavenly Palace, where his consciousness could enter to cultivate. He could practice any cultivation technique or secret art to great perfection, only emerging when it was truly perfect. No matter how long he spent in the Heavenly Palace, in reality, it was but a moment's time. At the tender age of sixteen, Fang Wang stumbled upon the mythic realm of martial arts, unbeknownst to anyone else. However... One day, Fang Wang overheard whispers that Zhou Xue, the foster daughter of his uncle, had gone mad, prophesying doom for the Fang household. Curiosity piqued, Fang Wang stealthily approached Zhou Xue's room, catching her muttering to herself, "Sigh, even as a former celestial dignitary, I find myself powerless to alter the fate of my family. Is the heavens playing tricks on me... If only I could rewind time by just one month..." A reincarnated celestial dignitary? Fang Wang's perception shattered, a mix of shock and excitement washing over him. Who needs martial arts when you can ascend to immortality? Embarking on a journey spanning the vast landscapes, Fang Wang sought the one celestial art in the mortal realm capable of turning one into an immortal god.

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From same author as Top tier Providence and My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God with new cultivation


The story follows the protagonist as he is able to use his golden finger to learn any skill or cultivation method in seemingly an instant. In reality, it takes him several years, but time seems to stop while he is learning. The interesting thing is how the novel explains this. It is not just another cheat ability like in other novels. The author has constructed this ability in a way that, even though it is cheat, it does not seem out of place. It fits very well with the novel and the overall setting. However, in my opinion, the best part of the novel is not even that. It is the fact that the characters really seem like people. They act and think not as if they were in a Chinese novel, but as if they were in the real world. Definitely worth your time, if the comment writing feels strange it’s because English is my second language.


Currently at chapter 102. Really a Great Novel. It takes a whole different route compared to the authors other Two Cultivation Novel. Cannot get enough of it. 100% Recommended. #Spoiler- The MC- # Is absolutely not at all dumb or anything as expected from #Let Me Laugh #MC is realistic not Naive!(He knows how the World works) #The Characters are not Bots!!! They all get their screen time. #The MC's clan also gets to rise from Mortal cultivation to Immortal cultivation (*Pointb is : They get to live a long life.) #Overall it's a 5/5 Spoiler: [No Harem but may have one or two wives!],The Golden Finger is also Very Realistic and interesting. So, if you like these points give it a try.


Translator ruined the novel. Can't even do basic translation for which he is getting paid for.


An amazing Novel. I at first did not wanted to read it because I thought The MC was the only Cultivator in the mortal realm , but after reading it I found out how wrong I was . It's a Diamond💎. I can't get enough of it.❤️💖


great book, totally worth reading! that aside webnovel translation is pretty much mtl at this point tsk tsk


better than top tier honestly, isn't as boring but still overpowered. can't wait for more chapters and combination of techniques


Overall, this novel is good story but has a problem on translation quality. The translation is good enough but there are two main problems: name consistency and translating cultivation spells in english. There is no name consistency on this novel especially the word mountain vein. This word vein has interchange with channel and meridian. There is no consensus which word will stick in whole novel as if there are two or more translator or proofreaders using different word on one esseantial meaning. Please stick one one word only not more different word with similar meaning. Another problem is translating cultivation spells. These spell names is in romanized mandarin. I have no clue what is its meaning in english. Please translate these fully romanized mandarin words in english, completely or partially, or put these meaning of word in note to know the reader what is its meaning.


i have read the top tier Providence thought this will same but turns out different. great world background and interesting gold finger


raw . . . . . .


Does anyone knows the raw?………....... ........


good story, as expected of the author of top tier providence. if you want to read to relieve stress this will do. i also like commend that chapters are not divided to part 1, part 2 or such, it's worth your money and fast past.


This basically mtl,some chapter are confusing


For those who are asking if the MC reveals his Secrets or the Heavenly Palace then the Answer is a Big "No!" He is not Naive.He is super secretive about it.He also stated that if need be he will take it to his grave but still not reveal it to anyone(Kinda). He is Cossiouse but if need be he is also a brave and curigious MC lol😁. So, give it a try.Highly Recommended. He also loves his clan (family). But, not to the point of just Giving away his life for them ( As many may misjudge him by reading the first 1-10 chapters; He will protect them if needed but if they face it for their own actions then he may be sad but overall will get over it.He is a cultivator after all. He may also take revenge if necessary so he is not a passive cooped up MC. World Building is also good🥂.


22 capítulos o mc não fez praticamente nada, vale mais a pena seguir a vida da menina reencarnada do que a dele. MC planta que não se move muito e não tem muita relevância para a historia.


It’s a great read probably the best read I’ve had all year


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