Chapter 126: The Fifth Lifespirit Treasure [Seeking Monthly Pass]

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Fang Wang heard Zhao Zhen's words but remained indifferent. The world was vast, and there were many with great fate, not to mention the existence of the Upper Realm. In his view, the Cross-Void Realm was not all that impressive.

He focused on consolidating his cultivation level.

The Solaris Scripture detailed the breakthrough methods for each cultivation level, but did not specify the names of the realms. Fang Wang speculated that this might be because the scripture was ancient and disconnected from the current era. However, judging from the breakthrough methods mentioned later, he was still far from reaching the end of his cultivation journey.

Moreover, it was still uncertain whether the endpoint of the Solaris Scripture was the ultimate endpoint in the Mortal Realm.

Days passed in this manner.

A full month went by before Fang Wang finally consolidated his cultivation level.