Chapter 216: Supreme Saint Body, The Sword Immortal Emerges

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Fang Wang had never heard of such a Great Saint Legacy before, but recalling his mother's words, he said, "I'll let The Three Immortals of the Emperor Sea take their chance. The Supreme Divine Record might be an extraordinary legacy, but if Fang Zigeng is unwilling, I must save him."

Zhou Xue nodded and said, "It's good to let them try, at least it will make the Supreme Sect Leader value Fang Zigeng more."

Afterwards, Fang Wang asked her how she had been doing in the Emperor Sea.

Zhou Xue briefly recounted her experiences; Jin Xiao Sect had taken root in the Emperor Sea, even supporting a power regime. Since the dissolution of the Xuan Dynasty, many power regimes had risen in the Emperor Sea, ushering in a period of turmoil, which provided a great opportunity for Jin Xiao Sect.

Fang Wang listened with keen interest.