Chapter 167 Shariputra, True Man of the Heavenly Dao_1

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Atop the mountain peak, Fang Wang's Yang energy had transformed into a fireball over two hundred zhang in diameter, its scorching light causing everything within a thousand li to be enveloped in high temperatures. Now, no more challengers dared to watch him.

Fang Wang opened his eyes and slowly stood up.

He lifted his arms, and the Yang energy violently retracted into his body, causing the entire world to darken in an instant.

Looking around, countless pieces of rubble and dust floated everywhere. With the disappearance of the Yang energy, all suspended objects slowly fell down, as if the earth was sinking, a sight of unparalleled grandeur.

Fang Wang, feeling his Vajra Invincible Saint Body, showed a look of fascination on his face.

At this moment, within the Eternal Life Pavilion, all onlookers who were paying attention felt the transformation of his physical prowess. Although his stature seemed unchanged, his aura was entirely different.