Chapter 219: The Birth of the Demon Venerable, The Final Battle

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After defeating Ji Haotian, Fang Wang continued to cultivate, with engaging in a duel once a month becoming his leisure amid cultivation.

Less than ten days after Ji Haotian left, Fang Wang, who was cultivating, opened his eyes.

He sensed two sources of Sword Intent.

"Xu Qiuming, eh? Compared to before, you've truly become a different person. And the other one..."

A smile spread across Fang Wang's face, delighted by Xu Qiuming's growth.

Since Xu Qiuming had no chance to ascend, he would remain in the Mortal Realm to keep Fang Wang company. Being invincible could become lonely after a time— the stronger Xu Qiuming got, the more Fang Wang could spar with him.

As for Xu Qiuming's opponent...

He was no simple character!

Fang Wang could feel that the other's sword bore a resemblance to the Executioner Immortal Ghost God Sword in its ingenuity, though it wasn't the Ghostly Divine Sword itself.

He immediately thought of the Sword Immortal that Fang Bai had mentioned before.