Chapter 222: Ninth Layer of the Mahayana Realm, Ten Thousand Demons Transform into Dragons_1

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"If you can't subdue it, then you are not worthy of becoming a Great Saint."

The man in black spoke without turning his head, his tone indifferent.

Ji Rutian heard these words and was not angered. Instead, he asked with a smile, "Master, at my realm, could you have subdued the True Dragon's vital essence?"

The man in black replied, "If the me back then had the guidance of the me now, naturally I could have subdued it. But even so, I wasn't able to attain the status of a Great Saint."

Ji Rutian fell into contemplation.

The master and disciple continued on their way, passing through the forest and arriving at the foot of the mountain.

This massive peak had few dense trees and offered a wide view. Looking up from the base of the mountain, it appeared incredibly majestic, akin to a primordial divine mountain. Its peak was shrouded in dense smoke, sporadically ejecting rocks and sand.