Chapter 217: The World Shaken, The Wind of Heavenly Dao

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"I wish to experience the might of the Nine Dragons Tyrant Fist."

Chen Shang's voice echoed within Sword Heaven Marsh, drawing more and more sword cultivators to the lakeside, peering at his silhouette.

They had never heard the name Chen Shang before, but since he claimed to hail from the Southern Celestial Sea, it was apparent he was no ordinary person.

People from the mainland inherently harbored a wariness towards the overseas cultivation world, a fear rooted in the unknown.

"You wish to experience the Nine Dragons Tyrant Fist? Don't forget, eighty years ago, you nearly died by my hands. Even I couldn't withstand his punch!" Dugu Wenhun taunted coldly.

Fang Wang could sense his intention to save Chen Shang; there was no need for him to intervene otherwise.

However, the current Fang Wang harbored no intent to kill. In his view, normal sparring and exchange of pointers were acceptable.