Chapter 70 Great Perfection of the Sword Array, Sword Heaven Marsh [Sixth Release, Requesting Monthly Votes]

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"Then, Senior Brother, please go ahead."

Fang Wang hastily made way, and Lu Yuanjun smiled and nodded. They brushed past each other.

As the two went their separate ways, Fang Wang leaped up, transforming into a streak of white light soaring toward the third peak. His face cooled, the smile no longer present.

Walking towards the Great Abyss Gate, Lu Yuanjun too lost his smile, his expression becoming particularly gloomy.

What was on each of their minds, only they themselves knew.

The Sect's Main City remained noisy, although the confrontation between Fang Wang and the thirteen geniuses was brief, its sensational impact was long-lasting.

Fang Wang moved quickly, swiftly arriving at the third peak. Landing in front of his cave dwelling, Xiao Zi peeked out from his embrace and asked, "Master, do you have a grudge against that person?"

As Fang Wang took out his disciple token to open the mountain gate, he replied, "Indeed, I do."