Chapter 177: Summoning the Heavenly Exorcising Execution Array, Nirvana Falls_1

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The battle had been going on for the duration of an incense stick when Fang Wang used the Nine Dragons Tyrant Fist only four times, relying on physical strength for the rest.

Through combat, Fang Wang had completely adapted to the Vajra Invincible Saint Body!

The vast majority of spells couldn't harm his physical body, and those aimed at the soul fared even worse, unable to penetrate his yang energy.

The Vajra Invincible Saint Body was truly domineering!

Fighting across two major realm boundaries!

Well deserving of its great reputation even in The Upper Realm!

Fang Wang's confidence grew as he fought; he had clearly grasped the strength of the Nirvana Realm and determined that today he would kill to establish his fear-inspiring name.

He intended to kill until the descendants of the Xuan Dynasty no longer dared to seek revenge against the Fang Family, and he even aimed to intimidate the backing Great Divine Dynasty!