Chapter 135: The Envoy, The Style of Eternal Life Pavilion

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The sun shone brightly as a Law Ship sailed alone across the boundless ocean, as tiny as a falling leaf, seemingly on the verge of being swallowed by the vast expanse of water.

Inside the loft, Fang Wang sat facing Xiao Zi on the table and asked, "Have you learned it?"

"The Breathless Natural Technique is a bit difficult, but I've memorized it. Just give me some time, young master," Xiao Zi replied.

Xiao Zi itself possessed a certain method of concealing its aura, but now that they had come to sea, it proved ineffective, so Fang Wang passed on the Breathless Natural Technique taught by Zhou Xue to see if it could mask the True Dragon's aura.

Truth be told, now whenever Fang Wang looked at Xiao Zi, he couldn't help feeling that it didn't resemble a True Dragon at all.

Or is it that the True Dragons are different from what he had imagined?

Fang Wang nodded. There was plenty of time, and it would be fine as long as Xiao Zi practiced earnestly.