A Simple Guide to Immortality. Book

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A Simple Guide to Immortality.


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Derrick is a half-dragon who lives in an technoloicaly advance world, his extreme lust for girls is only overwhelmed by his love and longing for his parents. His parents had long left him since he was a child to travel the higher dimension. A place filled with dangers and to reach the higher dimension, he has to travel endless amount of stars while at the same time having enough strength backing him to face dangers in his journey. The universe was a place filled with unexplored mysteries and variety of unique races.To reach the higher dimension filled with unkown powers Derrick has to become a stronh adventurer. On a strange day Derrick recieves a message with an image of a book attached to it. "A simple guide to immortality" What is the mystery of the book? Are the mysteries in the book capable of giving him strength to traverse the vast universe or is it enough to make him give up his love from females.


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