The Playboy CEOThe Playboy CEO

The Playboy CEO

by SugaryWinter

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"Do you see this?" I held up a card between my fingers. Jason looked at the card, then back at me, confusion clear as day in his eyes. "What is this?" "A wild card, obviously," he shrugged, looking like he was about to tell me to get to the point. All in due time. "Obviously," my smile probably looked sarcastic, like I was making fun of him. Jason had no business being fussy with the position he was in. "Take a look at your surroundings, my love. The situation you find yourself in is less than ideal, and I'm the only one who can save you," I was done being the hurt one. The one who was always left behind. "Now tell me again. What is this?" "A wild card." "This is what I am to you right now," I put the card down on the table and slid it towards him. "And whether it wins or loses the game for you is your move." ~°~°~°~°~°~ An accidental marriage. A drunken mistake, or a premeditated plan for revenge? Amaria doesn’t know what to make of her new situation, and due to unforeseen circumstances, she is trapped. Forced to accept her fate until the time is right, a typically reserved executive finds herself at a crossroad between following logic, and giving in to her bleeding heart. The man she calls her husband does not make it easy for her either, but however she decides to look at it, she reaches the same conclusion. You can’t change a player. As for him? Well, it’s up to him to decide what he’ll do with this new mess he’s stuck in.

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