Star Wars VRMMO: Galactic Expedition Book

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Star Wars VRMMO: Galactic Expedition


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Yes, I made the cover myself. Thankfully Photoshop has a free trial. Guess we'll find out if I remember to cancel it or not. The year is 2053. The VRMMO market has been taking off in the last 20 years. Each title is more advanced than the previous. Finally, an unknown entrepreneur is creating a game that introduces an AI that fully manages the game independently. This unknown investor has partnered with Disney to create this game within the story of Star Wars. Kyler Zimmerman is a 22 year old college graduate. Having lost his mother in an accident, his father and him have been struggling for years. They live a moderate lifestyle but can't seem to get past that. His friends drag him along to a store where they were planning to buy VR headsets. Kyle doesn't know why they are going but is immediately hooked when they arrive after seeing that it was a Sat Wars game. What will he find once he enters this new world? DISCLAIMER: All characters, companies, and events in this novel --even those based on real world entities-- are entirely fictional. All representations are made up... poorly. This novel contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be read by anyone.


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