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Star Wars VRMMO: Galactic Expedition

Yes, I made the cover myself. Thankfully Photoshop has a free trial. Guess we'll find out if I remember to cancel it or not. The year is 2053. The VRMMO market has been taking off in the last 20 years. Each title is more advanced than the previous. Finally, an unknown entrepreneur is creating a game that introduces an AI that fully manages the game independently. This unknown investor has partnered with Disney to create this game within the story of Star Wars. Kyler Zimmerman is a 22 year old college graduate. Having lost his mother in an accident, his father and him have been struggling for years. They live a moderate lifestyle but can't seem to get past that. His friends drag him along to a store where they were planning to buy VR headsets. Kyle doesn't know why they are going but is immediately hooked when they arrive after seeing that it was a Sat Wars game. What will he find once he enters this new world? DISCLAIMER: All characters, companies, and events in this novel --even those based on real world entities-- are entirely fictional. All representations are made up... poorly. This novel contains coarse language and due to its content it should not be read by anyone.

N3wman · Games
175 Chs

Star Wars : Last Order

Victor is a military man from the modern era, enjoyed his job defending his county… may be a little to much. He is Fascinated with swords of the old way and the skill it takes to wield. Durning his Retirement he read a lot of books and novels and seen lot of movies and let not forget his fare share is enjoyment in life ‘winks’ Victor use to follow orders now he doesn’t take them but gives them how will he shape his new life. Lets join him as he is thrown into the Star Wars universe.

DJRock_ · Realistic
Not enough ratings
18 Chs


From the first sprouts of life underwater ...... to the giant beasts of the Stone Age ...... to the first humans walking upright, you've been through a lot. Now, embark on your greatest quest yet. Witness the rise and fall of Odin's kingdom. Witness the great grasslands of the Welsh. Witness this piece of Genesis! ---------------- Chapter 11(About) Human Birth Chapter 26(About) MC descends to the magic world he created P.S. The pace of this book is slow, but the richness and excitement are exponentially higher. Authorized by the creator for communication.

DaoistGy5WgI · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
37 Chs


This is cut version of... Novel : THE MEMORY LOST IN SPACE Author: TONG HUA Translator: HONGGSHUAI Lorraine was a fake princess. She's the only pure-gene human in the mutant world. Without past memories, she had befriended with an experimental body who could turn into a dangerous beast. Nothing can escape the clutches of time. Death and deterioration is but an eventuality. Only memory is not bound by the shackles of time. In fact some memories become clearer steeped in time. The beautiful, the ugly, all the has-beens. Each event seemingly small and insignificant but their flashes of brilliance can even outdazzle the night’s sky. An existence that should be denied, he thought he would be alone forever for a soul born in darkness was destined to be swallowed up by darkness. Happiness can only be a mirage. Yet he cannot control his feelings that are overflowing because he has found someone willing to stand with him against all odds. One existence was built on another person’s genetic makeup. The other lived a fabricated lie. Just like a whisper in the wind, they had no past and no future. They only have the present. They only have each other. Will your pursuit only end with the withering of the final rose? Will you discover that you’ve missed all of its radiant beauty only when it is gone? Will you only stop grumbling about the cold when the last snowflake has fallen? Will you regret failing to appreciate the here and now?

94 Chs

Demon God's Chatroom

Ren woke up at Ritual Altar. It seems he was living sacrifice for those evil god fanatics. But what he saw on the lower ground was a bunch of corpse of those fanatics. Is it that evil God lowering 'His' wrath toward them, whilst he as the sacrificial lamb got excluded from punishment? There is no way! He need to find his way out! But, this body is really too small... I am an adult promising man becoming a teenager barely weaned himself? [Duality of a secret life]

LazyRIN · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
20 Chs

Star Wars The Phantom: For the Fallen

The Clone Wars has ended. Order 66 was executed. A few brave clones went against it and are now in hiding. A year goes by and finally, Phantom is ready to do something about it. He can't leave his brothers to that fate. He must get them back...or kill them if they refuse. With talents and skills like which they posses, he can't let them remain in the Empire. Will he succeed in getting them back? Or will he have to kill them? Or just die himself?

Cody_Wildasin · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
7 Chs

Star Wars: Ancestral Gifts

What if a Star Wars loving nerd suddenly woke up on a shuttle sat across from a young Ashoka Tano on their way to meet their new Jedi Masters. How would you react to suddenly appear in your favourite franchise and in the middle of a war to decide the fate of the galaxy, can our hero use his knowledge to save the galaxy or will he choose to follow the route of power and join the Dark Side.

DLAssassin_56 · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
9 Chs

A Kryptonian in a Galaxy far far away

A teenager is killed in an untimely way that was not perceived by the council of Infinity and thus they have deemed him worthy of another chance. Can this child survive in a vast galaxy far far away? [A/N] This is my first FF so please be constructive with the criticism. English is my first language so by all means correct me if there are any mistakes with spelling or grammar. This is just an idea I had that could be fun so essentially i have no idea if I want to do with the plot. Enjoy:) Don't expect a decent upload schedule though.

Skilledweb_47978 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2 Chs